2007 Stormy Blue / Saddle PRHT
2007 Stormy Blue / Saddle PRHT

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See You in 2008!!

Wear What You Drive

Give a gift to your favorite Miata owner. Club logo'd apparel is available at Art Wear,
#15 - 14220 Yellowhead Trail in Edmonton.

Winter's Just Around the Corner - Hibernation Time for Miatas!

If you aren't a year-round Miata driver, make sure your Miata is snuggled warm and dry for the cold months! Check out Car Care Specialities for tips to help you keep your Miata happy during its winter slumbers... "from bumper to bumper, from top to tires".

Canadian Miata Specs

We've posted a ton of Canadian Miata specifications that will be added to as the Miata line continues to grow. Check it out!

Thinking of Joining? Stop Thinking! Make the Call!

Why not call up or email our Club President to find out how you can join?

Proudly Canadian

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