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What got us into the concert L-R: Geoff Lloyd (Chicago), Randy Reichardt (Edmonton), Pat Beemer (Seattle), Kent Hillman (Visalia CA)at the Danfest the night before the concert Pat holds the flag while Kent watches Chris talks with StAl and the amazing Diane, cropped from the pic at her request Al and Jane D'Addario from Boston StAl and Mark Chimp do it with their fez on View of the Gorge facing west, walking towards our seats Terraces carved into the side of the hill facing the stage at The Gorge waiting for the show to begin Roger Nichols, Engineer Extraordinaire Steely Dan in action Shot without a zoom lens, this is the real view we had from Row 22. Donald Fagen with Ricky Lawson (drums), Tom Barney (bass) Ted Baker with the backup singers Walter talks to us The Steely Dan Orchestra Jon Herington ripping another brilliant solo L-R: Ted Baker, Victoria Cave, Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun, during Night By Night The infamous Jim 'Hoops' McKay and Pat 'StAlfonzo' Beemer Hoops, Pete Fogel, Pat The Reichardt Boys behind the WebMeisters! L-R: Chris Reichardt, Sue of SueDave, Hoops McKay, Pete Fogel, Pat Beemer Back: SueDave, Randy, Pete Fogel, F: Hoops, Pat
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