The below is from PV Oct-Nov1990 issue: on the front cover was the picture below


Inside front page

"When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night" -Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

The "On the Cover" page:

Ch.Eaton Affirmed
Pictured on the cover with his owner TImothy Brazier
Bred by Wilmot Eaton Salisbury

May the road rise up to meet you
And the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And, until we meet again,
May the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand - Gaelic Blessing

You left our world a little brighter...
Robert & Peggy McDill
Bud & Patty Maoulthrop
Henrie & Harold Strauss
Linda Dunbar

On pg 13 was "In Memory of"

Do not stand at my grace and weep;
I am not there... I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gently autumn rain.
When you awaken in th emorning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there - I did not die.

The PR May-June1990 featured Snapper on the front cover. Inside it had the following article:
Ch.Eaton Affirmed - by Timothy Brazier

"Snapper's" story has been told many times before, but it has become an ongoing story, and considering all the facts, it seems likely to continue for awhile.

He has gained an honorable position in illustrious company amongst the breed's great sires. As thrilling and rewarding as his success has been, I must confess that I'm not completely surprised. I always believed he had something positive to contribute to Standard Poodles, and time continues to prove my confidence in him was deserving.

Snapper came from a litter of seven: three of which are all-Breed Best In Show winners. The litter was born in my bedroom December 1978 in Malibu, California. His parents are the well-known top producers, Ch. Aliyah Desperado and Ch. Eaton Busting With Joy. His breeder is Wilmont Eaton Salisbury.

He is a Best in Show, Specialty and Group winner, but his real importance has just recently begun to surface - as a producer and a top one.

To earn that status, I feel a stud dog has to have something desirable to offer breeders in the litters he produces, and he has to generate confidence that he will be prepotent and dominate enough to pass on those characteristics to his offspring a majority on the time. Snapper has demonstrated this ability.

His temperament, outline, tailset, hindquarters, carriage and movement are his strengths. And his coat and lack of chin are his weaknesses.

Thoughout my years of handling, I have been involved with many different dogs, and observed their behaviour. I confess that for a long time, I never really realized the importantce of the tremendous natural instincts this dog and his line possess. As time went on, I became more acutely away that this might be - along with his temperament, intelligence and attitude - his most important contribution.

He possesses incredible stamina and strength without any hint of craziness. He and his offspring are well-known for their leaps into the air - all fours and all at once - a trait that has come down from Ch.Eaton Busting With Joy. And such behaviour was obviously the reason for her name. The entire family stages these performances as an expression of happiness, fun and joyfulness.

He looks after himself as well as any dog I have known - exercising and conditionion himself in a sane and sensible manner. He is never too fat and never too thin. He loves the outdoors, the water, and the woods. He is a natural retriever and he still enjoys stomping through the water - even in his twilight years. He never misses a duck or a squirrel, but always remains connected to the company that is with him.

During the past year, Snapper has had to deal with the problem of oral cancer which is fairly common in black Standards. He went thorough laser surgery four times and finally had a mandiblectomy - the removal of his right lower jaw.

The results have been marvelous, and Snapper came through it all in a totally sensible manner. Based on his case, I would encourage anyone faced with the problem to go ahead with the surgery. It couldn't have worked out better with Snapper.

Snapper has taught me so much about his natural instincts in regards to his stud work. He has always been a natural breeder - never bred artificially.  He knows the right day - whether the eighth or twenty-second day of the season - and I've learned to trust and respect him. His sperm is checked regularly for count and motility, and each time tested, his ratings have remained high

He is a hopeless romantic - extremely sensitive. He loves to court his ladies, introducing himself first - and then a song and dance. He is always a gentleman.

Whenever a stud dog becomes popular with the fancy, it is imperative that he be subjected to the nearly always changing battery of tests used to indicate a sire's degree of "safeness" in regard to heritable diseases. We have subjected Snapper to all such tests on a routine basis, and to date, his tests results have established him clear of the conditions for which he was tested. The tests includ those for von Willebrands, eyes, hips, sebaceous adenitis and thyroid conditions. In addition, he has never bloated.

Even though all these tests have proved that he is not directly involve, you have to remember that a stud dog is only representative of a gene pool. And when you breed to any stud dog, you really have to deal with the status of his forebears as well as the dog himself.

Snapper's record as a producer - and the attached listing indicated his influence within the United States - really does rank him among the greats " Debauchery, Thomas, Desperado, and the rest. And I suppose that in the future, Snapper's record as a producer is what he will be remembered for. I appriciate the consideration Standard breeders have given him, for without their bitches, his record obviously would not have been possible.

That record is important to me, but I have lived with the dog nearly 12 years now - the longest relationship I have had with any dog in my entire association with the sport. Throughout that period, Snapper's temperament and intelligence has allowed him to be totally adaptable. At all stages of his life he has been comfortable in any situation presented to him.

And consequently, he has been a joy to live with. He is constantly with me and constantly sensitive and in tune with my moods. Students of the breed may remember him however they choose, but I am confident that when Snapper is no longer with me, I will remember him as one of my great pals.

I'm not certain we should ask for more.

Snapper's sire was Ch.Aliyah Desperado - pictured below...

picture is from PIA volum6
Desperado was the sire of 49 Champions (PIA volumn9)

Snappers dam was Ch. Eaton Busting With Joy - pictured below

Busting With Joy also had another daughter names Ch. Eaton Joie De Vive (sired by Ch. Dassin Debauchery)
who produced 15 champions

Here are some show pictures from different Poodle Rreview  magazines..

According to PIA volumn 9 Snapper is the
All-Time Top Producing Poodle (all varieties) of All Time with
110 champions to his credit...

Snapper was linebred to Ch.Eaton Bureaucrat. The follow ad was in PR May-June1984.

The article is as follows:

ByWilmot Eaton Salisbury

Buster was such a happy dog that loved life so much, it seemed terribly unfair that fate took him from us at just 2 1/2years of age. He died in a tragic automoblie accident during an ice storm on the way to a show. He sired by two litters, but from those came a family of dogs which has given me such pride and pleasure - more than any breeder dares to hope for in a lifetime.

But back to his beginnings so those of you who have him in your pedigrees will know a little more about him. He was finished by Frank Sabella at the tender age of 8 1/2 months. He was one of the last Poodles finished by Frank prior to his retirement from professional handling. I hadn't thought much about a Specials career for him as I was enjoying his so much, but Diane Atrigues saw him and completely fell in love with him, and felt he could do extremely well as a Special. How right she was! When he was in full coat, she started him out, and he won a Group1 at his first show. He won five more Groups in short order before his career was so abruptly ended.

Diane always said he was undoubtedly the smartest Poodle she had ever known - he was almost human. You could ask him very quietly to do something, and it was done immediately. You could have taken him anywhere without a lead, and he would never leave you. He was a very loving dog, and certainly was fun-loving.

His greatest joy in life was playing ball, and I truly believe he would continue to play until he dropped from exhaustion. He  always caught it no matter how or where it was thrown - up, down, to the side, bounced or whatever. He would turn somersaults to catch it. He insisted on showing himself - always took the lead in his mouth and moved out. His handler just kept him company, as he always seemed to know exactly what to do and when. And then when he won, he insisted on taking the ribbons in his mouth and marching very proudly out of the ring. I really think his pictures would have been taken with his holding the ribbons instead of the judge - if he had had his way.

He was sired by Executive, and was out of my foundation bitch, Ch.Bel Tor Cause Scandale, a beautiful black bitch who had finished quickly with Peggy Hogg. Buster seemed to have gotten the best of both, and was able to pass it on to his offspring.

Probably the best-known was Ch.Eaton Busting With Joy, now the dam of 13 champions herself. Joy, handled by Diane Artigues, jumped into national prominence by winning Best in Show at Bryn Mawr Kennel Club All-Breed show in 1975 over an entry of 1728 dogs. She was all of 9 1/2months old at the time. She was the First Standard Poodle Puppy ever to win an All-Breed Best in Show, so far as we have been able to determine.

As to what the dog himself looked like - he was a nicely balanced dog with no exaggeration. He had a lovely clean head with a small dark oval eye, the chiseling made for marvelous expression, and he was blessed with underjaw. He had quite a nice reach of neck and absolutely gorgeous feet. He stood approximately 26 inches at the withers, and was very square. His shoulder layback was good, and he possessed strong nicely angulated rear quarters with excellent tailset. He had good rib spring. His coat was of excellent quality, and it was good black. Miss Clairol never entered his life.

People still talk and ask about him, as he was one of those dogs you don't quickly forget. We still miss him, but at the same time are so grateful for everything he gave us. We've listed below the champion offspring and what they have done in turn. These American Champions only, as we have no way of verifing championships in other countries.

Thanks again, Buster!

note: the list included 7 champions - however I'm not typing it too <g>

Those are the pictures I found. There is also one of Busting With Joy doing one of her leaps - but I couldn't find it.
The picture in Del Dahl's book is of Buster's mother (Ch.Bel Tor Cause Scandale)...sorry I got tired of scanning so didn't include it!
Please excuse typos etc.! Thanks
I hope everyone enjoys learning about Snapper!