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    Blue Box Recycling!
    Blue box picture  The blue box program is a good way to help you recycle at home. 
      For a nominal fee we can provide you with a flexible pickup schedule designed around your recycling needs.
    Let SCRAP Help!
      We want to help you reduce your contribution to the Lethbridge landfill, keep your city taxes down, and let you assist in saving our environment. 
    We collect...
    We collect...
    #2 HDPE plastics 
    White and mixed paper 
    Newsprint and magazines
    Glass without lids & label 
    Tin cans 
    Pop, beer, & wine bottles 
    Plastics (eg. examples: milk,vinegar, and windshield washer jugs, etc.) should be rinsed before they are placed in the blue box. 
    The blue box also takes clean, dry corrugated cardboard and boxboard, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, laundry boxes with liners removed, and egg cartons (cardboard only). 
    Newsprint includes anything that comes with your daily newspaper and magazines 
    Materials NOT yet recycled (but we are working on it!): 
    Styrofoam of any kind
    Paper towels
    Foam egg cartons

    Scrap metals
    Plastic wrapping 
    Plastic bags

    TetraPak (drink boxes).
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