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  • South Country Recycling Assistance Program 
    Our Office Recycling Program
    Cardboard Pickup!
    Cardboard  bale  If cardboard is cluttering your storage space or receivinging area, we can help! 
      Our program can provide you with a flexible pickup schedule designed around your recycling needs.
    Let SCRAP Help!
      We want to help you reduce your contribution to the Lethbridge landfill, keep your city taxes down, and let you assist in saving our environment. 
    We collect...
    We provide you with
    White & mixed paper 
    Waste wood  
    Pallets & skids
    Paper collection bags 
    Cardboard bins 
    Printer cartridge refills 
    Less garbage 
    Custom pickup schedule
    Most of the collected cardboard is sent to commercial recycling companies.  However, some has been recycled and composted at the Lethbridge  Community Garden as mulch and organically kill weeds. 
    SCRAP will also consider picking up special items not listed that can be used in its community development and employment programs.  Talk to us if you can help.
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    Wood Recycling - Printer Cartridge Refill
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