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SUN Acres
South Country Recycling Assistance Program 
School Recycling Program
Paper bale We are the first organization to provide schools with the opportunity to recycle their paper, cardboard, waste wood, and/or printer cartridges.  
SCRAP will come to your school and perform a waste audit to identify everything that can be recycled to reduce your contribution to the Lethbridge landfill. 
We also provide classroom presentations on recycling and how SCRAP benefits the Lethbridge community.
We collect...
We provide you with
White & mixed paper 
Waste wood  
Pallets & skids
Paper collection bags 
Cardboard bins 
Printer cartridge refills 
Less garbage 
Classroom presentations
Our program can provide you with a flexible pickup schedule designed around your recycling needs.
Presently we need...
... Recycled product
Clean plastic 50gal barrels
Glass panes or windows 
Sheet metal 
Compost barrels 
Passive solar panels 
Solar ovens & panels 
These new products are presently in development and will be available for purchase in the near future through our SUN Acres program.
Join us as a partner to improve our environment and make Lethbridge and area a better place to live.  Please contact S.C.R.A.P. for more information on how you can participate and be recognized as a community minded organization.
1802  2nd Avenue South  
Lethbridge, Alberta  
Phone: (403) 328 5774  
Fax:  (403) 320 2754  
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