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    Waste Wood Recycling!
      Our waste wood program will not only collect whole and damaged pallets, but also lumber scraps from construction jobs and branches from unwanted trees around your home. 
      Our program can provide you with a flexible pickup schedule designed around your recycling needs.
    Let SCRAP Help!
      We want to help you reduce your contribution to the Lethbridge landfill, keep your city taxes down, and let you assist in saving our environment. 
    We collect...
    ... Recycled product
    Whole pallets 
    Damaged pallets 
    Construction wood scraps 
    Yard wood wastes 
    Wood shavings, leaf litter 
    and grass clippings
    Shipped and reused 
    Dismantled & sorted 
    Wood projects 
    Chipped for mulch 
    Composted for soil & 
    Dammaged pallets & construction scraps are dismantled, sorted and the variety of wood types available to wood craftsmen and hobbiests at a nominal fee to cover our costs.  Pallets that can be repaired are returned for recirculation in the the shipping industry. 
    Smaller wood & yard wastes are chipped for garden mulch. 
    Leaf litter, grass clippings, and wood shavings are composted and the rich soil will be available to the public at a nominal fee that  covers our costs. 
    SCRAP will also consider picking up special items not listed that can be used in its community development and employment programs.  Talk to us if you can help.
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