Childbirth Classes

Our classes are held on evenings starting at 7:30 PM at the clinic. There are small groups of four to six couples. The series of six classes covers the following topics as well as any issues that may arise during discussion:

Class One - Introduction of the series, mothers and fathers introduce themselves, short history of midwifery, midwifery in Alberta, choice of birthplace, safety of home birth. The psychology of birth, why we birth the way we do, how can we achieve the birth we want, pain in childbirth, issues of birth in our culture and our society

Class Two - Labour and Birth - Events leading to birth, true and practice labour, the three stages of labour, what happens, what do you do, what can your partner do, comfort techniques, water birth

Class Three - Preparing for Birth - emphasis on home birth but applicable to hospital birth as well, supply list, people to invite, preparing your home, food, helpers, preparing children to be present, tips for taking photos and videos

Class Four - Breastfeeding - how it works physiologically, benefits, getting started, overcoming common difficulties

Class Five - The Newborn Baby and Motherís Postpartum Recovery - From the moment of birth what a newborn looks like, jaundice, eye drops, Vitamin K, circumcision, what to expect re: nursing, sleeping, temperament. For mother, lochia, perineal healing, rest and nutrition, father and motherís adjustment to a newborn schedule, sex and birth control