Home birth
Safety of Home Birth

Probably the most controversial aspect of midwifery care is home birth. Midwives believe that couples will make the best choices for themselves and their babies when given enough information. Culturally, most women in North America see themselves birthing in a hospital. However, home birth appeals to many women and is a safe and satisfying option that a midwife can provide. There is no 100% safe place to give birth. It comes down to where YOU feel the safest and best.

Birth is as safe as life gets.
-Harriette Hartigan

Water birth

The option of labouring and birthing in water appeals to many women. About 70% of women who come for care choose to have their babies in the water. After personal experience with hundreds of waterbirths, it is obviously safe and a great pain reliever. A portable birth pool and all the necessary equipment is supplied and the pool can be set up where ever you wish in your home. Women like to save the pool for the end of labour when the intensity is the greatest. As they step into the warm soothing water, you often hear "Oh this feels so good!" A short time later the mother feels the urge to push and the baby is born.

For more on why to labour and birth in water, here is an excerpt from Gentle Birth Choices, by Barbara Harper, RN.

Preparing for birth at home

Reasons for home birth

Reasons not to birth at home