Hospital Birth
Emergency Care

Midwives carry emergency medical equipment including oxygen, intravenous equipment and drugs for postpartum hemorrhage. If mother or baby do not stabilize, emergency transfers are by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Your midwife will be with you in a transfer and will provide information and support and be as involved in your care as the situation permits.

If there are concerns that are non-emergencies during the labour and birth you will be made aware of them and given options. Non-emergency transfers are by car to the most appropriate hospital.

Hospital Care

Midwives in the Capital Health Region (Edmonton) now have admitting privileges at the Royal Alexandra hospital. This means that you have the option of delivering in hospital with your midwife as primary caregiver. If any obstetrical interventions are needed such as an epidural, forceps, or caesarean section, your care is transferred over to the nursing staff and an obstetrician. Your midwife will continue to provide labour support and be your advocate.