Midwifery Care
Prenatal Care

Monthly prenatal appointments lasting 30 to 60 minutes are booked until 30 weeks, then biweekly visits until 36 weeks, then weekly visits till the birth. A home visit where we come to you is arranged in the last month of the pregnancy. We do a physical assessment of mother and baby at every visit but equally important is the emotional, mental and spiritual health of the mother. Time to get to know one another, ask questions, air concerns and dispel fears is what happens at a prenatal visit. The goal is to help a mother and father come to a place of peace and joyful anticipation of the upcoming birth.

Labour and Birth

When you go into labour you let your midwife know and she will be available to come to you whenever you wish. A second midwife is called when the birth is imminent. The mother and baby are monitored throughout the birth and the care is supportive to whatever level is needed by the mother. Family time after the birth is protected and respected. The baby is given a head to toe assessment and the mother is checked as well. The midwife stays for two to three hours and doesn’t leave until assured that everyone is fine.


You will receive follow-up visits in your home at least three times the first week and more if problems arise. The metabolic screening test for the newborn (PKU) will be done in the first week. Breastfeeding help, weighing the baby at one week and helping with postpartum recovery of the mom occurs during these visits. At two weeks we ask you to come into the clinic and then again at four and six weeks. Our care officially ends at 6 weeks but we are available if needed for any questions or concerns that may arise over the next few months. Some of the most common concerns we get are about breastfeeding, newborn behaviour and adjustment to being a parent.