Rusty Reunion

Looks like reunions are abundant in the Doughboys world right now. First the Asexuals and now Rusty too! It sounds like John Kastner helped out with Rusty's return to play NXNE. Such a great bunch of guys. One of my old bands did a bit of touring with them back in the day. Anyway, here is a video from one of the NXNE shows a few days ago.

"Classic" Lineup for the Reunion

According to Cadence Canada, it sounds like the lineup will be: Kastner, Cummins, Bondhead, and Newman. How do you go wrong with 3 Jo(h)ns! According to Brock Pytel's website, it doesn't sound like he will be involved any time soon.

Reunion Shows!!

Wow, talk about coincidence, karma, or something! The first random website update in 6 years and a day later, I find out that they've just announced Doughboys reunion shows!! Sounds like Cummins will be involved. Not sure about the rest of the lineup yet. See the story in CHARTattack!!!

Website Update!!!

Holy crap... The first update to this site in over 6 years!! All I did was fix the broken links on the "Where R They Now?" page. But, hopefully it won't be another 6 years before I make some additional updates! -SD-

New John Kastner Website & Solo Album

Long-time Doughboys and ASG frontman John Kastner has launched his own personal website and has his first ever solo album coming out next month!!!!

Home Again EP

I thought this Black Box release was long out of print. And, maybe it still is, but at least you can still listen to the Doughboys doing "Stole Yer Love" by Kiss at the Black Box website.

La Majeure CDEP and 7" Vinyl Now Available !!!

The Doughboys' first demo has now been released on CD and 7" for the first time. Please visit Scamindy Records to order.

Cast Your Vote

Some of you Canadians may be familiar with a CBC television programme, which showcases Canadian bands, called Music Works . The Doughboys played this show back when they were supporting the "Turn Me On" CD. Wiz was playing with them at the time. Anyway, Music Works is taking votes on which old episodes to re-run. I have part of this performance on VHS but it'd sure be nice to get the whole thing. If you'd like to see this happen, please cast your vote.

Doughboys Site Launch!

Well, despite limited time and resources, the Doughboys finally have a web site on the internet again. There was one up briefly after "Turn Me On" came out but it was short lived.

According to the old ALL SYSTEMS GO web site, the status of the Dougboys is as follows:

"Have the Doughboys split up? No, the proper phrase would be: extended hiatus."

At this point, the "extended hiatus" seems to be quite indefinite. However, it is the intention of this site to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of information..

So, hit the message board and bring it on! Also, please send pictures, links and any Doughboy related info and we'll incorporate it to the site. If any images found here are copyrighted by yourself and you wish them removed just let me know.

Although there is in no way a formal relationship between the DOUGHBOYS and HOTSPUR RECORDS, we just love the DOUGHBOYS so damn much that we felt they deserved a proper web site out in cyberspace.

Please do, however, visit the HOTSPUR SITE and check out some of our bands. Specifically, fans of the Doughboys should check out IN HARM'S WAY and BULLYPROOF. Hopefully, they'll bring you as much enjoyment as the Doughboys have brought us over the years.