Where Are They Now?


Doughboy frontman John Kastner's MySpace site.

Former band of Doughboy John Kastner with Mark Arnold from Big Drill Car. The band also momentarily featured Frank Daly from Big Drill Car and then Peter Arsenault from the Doughboys as well. Now, Karl Alvarez from ALL also played bass for a short stint.

The band Jonathan Cummins formed after leaving the Doughboys. The band also featured Ian Blurton of Change of Heart fame.

The now defunct band of original Doughboys guitarist Scott McCullough.

Former Doughboy drummer Brock Pytel's web site.

Project of former Doughboy bassist Jon Bond Head.

The old band of one time Doughboy guitarist Wiz. Wiz collaborated with the band on material for Crush and Turn Me On long before he joined the band.

Post Doughboys band of former Doughboy's guitarist Wiz.

Peter Arsenault's project after the the Doughboys and prior to joining ASG.


Where Were They Before?

John Kastner's band prior to the Doughboys.

Peter Arsenault's band prior the the Doughboys

Long-time friends of the Doughboys, Mark Arnold from BDC played guitar for the Doughboys on their last tour. Mark is also a founding member of ASG and Frank Daly from BDC also played bass and sang in ASG for a while.