The forty-mile section of the Bow River downstream of Calgary is one of the most productive self-sustaining fisheries in the world. It's status as a "blue ribbon" stream is well deserved, and it draws fly fishers from all over the world. An estimated 2,500 trout per mile, both Rainbow and Brown, call this beautiful waterway their home. Fly fishers are accustomed to finding fish that are on average 16 inches in length, and fish in excess of 20 inches are not uncommon.

Our Suggested Floats - see map below

Depending on the access and egress points chosen, there are four or five reaches that can be planned as day trips. Several reaches can be combined to form multiple-day, overnight camping trips.

inning in the city of Calgary, and moving downstream, these are the access and egress points:

1. Glenmore Bridge (Graves Landing) to Fish Creek Park: A good day trip in an urban environment.
    Local guides will confirm that fishing is just as good within the city limits as it is further downstream.
2. Fish Creek Park to Policeman's Flats: A very popular late afternoon/evening float, or a short day trip.
3. Fish Creek Park to McKinnon Flats: A popular day trip.
4. Policeman's Flats to McKinnon Flats: A shorter version of #3. More time to walk and wade.
5. McKinnon Flats to Johnson's Island (Carseland Weir): Another popular day trip, quite different from the
    upstream reaches.
6. Fish Creek Park to Johnson's Island (Carseland Weir): This is a popular two day overnight camping trip.

Multiple-day/Overnight Tripping
Extend your stay on the river with exciting overnight opportunities:
• island to island wilderness camping
• rustic cabin river camping -
• lodge-to-lodge luxury river "camping" -   or
• mix & match: island to rustic cabin river camping

  Map of the Bow River with Shuttle Points

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