Our Driving Team
The Bow River Shuttles Driving Team is an enthusiastic group of retired gentlemen. They are responsible and committed. They take pride in their work, which includes ensuring that our Checklist is completed for every customer vehicle and trailer.

Our Shuttle Vehicles
Our workhorse is a Chevrolet Venture seven passenger van. Michelle has the flexibility to work with up to six drivers. This is usually adequate to handle the number of vehicles we move during our busy days. The van is an extended version with rear air conditioning. Even on the hottest days, our drivers are ensured a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

Our back up is a Mazda B3000 five passenger truck. We can add up to four additional drivers to our crew. We then have the capability to handle any day that is very busy, such as the Children's Wish fundraising tournament in July.

Our truck is also equipped with roof racks and a towing package. Emergencies that occasionally come our way can be effectively handled. For example, we have had customer vehicles break down during transit. We simply switched the customer's boat trailer from their truck to ours, ensuring that their boat trailer was waiting for them when they came off the river. We then drove them, and their boat, back to the city.

Our Customer Service
Members of our Driving Team complete our Checklist, prior to, and during the delivery of each vehicle and boat trailer. They perform a "walk around" before getting into your vehicle. This includes checking your towing hitch, trailer winch and safety chains.

They secure, with plastic tie downs or duct tape, anything that might be loose on your trailer. They check for low/flat tires all around, and check your vehicle for windows or doors that may have been left open or unlocked.
They have also been trained to check your trailer wheel bearings. You will be advised if, in our opinion, they may be in need of attention. Finally, your dashboard is cleaned using a special 3M Detailing Cloth.

Our Customer Benefits
1. Increase your time on the river. You come to the Bow River to fish, not drive! Leave the driving to us. Arrive at the river, and get your boat on the water right away. Depending on the reach you are floating, an early start can easily add one to two hours of fishing time to your morning. At the end of your day, you can relax and fish the evening hatches, knowing that your vehicle is waiting for you. No time wasted driving around in the dark retrieving your second vehicle.

2. Your costs are cut by 50%. Leave the second vehicle at home. You eliminate gas, maintenance and deprecation expenses for that vehicle. The greater the distance you've travelled to fish the Bow River, the greater your savings.

Shuttle Points
For a map of our shuttle points, click here