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Gas Buildup Analysis for Windows


This program uses standard buildup pressure test results from individual wells and performs a build up analysis using six different Analysis methods. The program allows for easy determination of reservoir permeability, altered zone permeability, and skin effect using graphical and numerical analysis. The results can be plotted, checked, and reported on a well, group or pool basis.



Knowledge of the reservoir parameters of a group of wells is necessary for a variety of technical analysis and depletion activities. Buildup test can be used to select optimal simulation methods, determine stabilized gas flow rate and select optimal drilling practices.






V1.0 Beta Test


Input Data

The user enters a fluid analysis, pool parameters and the well buildup test. This may include casing fluid level, number of joints of casing or the acoustic return time. Multiple fluid shot points may be entered for a well and results compared.


Output Data

The program calculates all the buildup variables and performs a buildup analysis using the selected buildup points. Results can be reported or graphed on a well, group of wells, pool, or total basis. Several different analysis graphs are available for analysis.

Slide Presentation

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Download a demo version of the program


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