Bashkir Curly Horses

A vest I felted with mohair and wool from our farm.

We first started looking at this breed because of the unique quality of them being non-allergenic to people who are normally allergic to regular horses. Since there is allergies in our family this was most important, but the many other appealing qualities of the Curlies won us over easily.

I anxiously await each spring when the horses will shed their winter coats of mohair and we can create our own items.

Pictured below is my filly Rena Sun at 4 months
She has a very tightly curled coat


If you are interested in coming to see a curly please feel free to contact us, you are most welcome.
Ph:(403) 844-4284

The best source of information available on the Curly is on the Canadian Curly Horse Association web site.

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Last updated March 2001