last update: Sunday November 25, 2012 07:54 a.m. (-8 Gmt)

Download a copy of each the 12 videos and save them to a USB stick
Download a copy of the search.exe to the same stick
Rename a copy of the search.exe to catmydrive.exe and run it
download a copy of MPEG_VIDEOSmix.txt (the timeline playback control file) to the stick
run a copy of the search.exe named as MPEG_VIDEOSmix.exe and away it goes

HERE are the videos at archive.org

Open them in Windows media player and save them to the USB stick
Make sure the names of the videos match those in the MPEG_VIDEOSmix.txt file below

motor cycle back flip (5.8 MB 7secs)

skate_board_212.mpg clears six steps (10.8 MB 14secs)

skate_board_131.mpg 360 degree rotate (6.3 MB 8secs)
*** HINT ***
Give it a try with just a couple of the above files first. Then upload the much larger files

20100612162101a.mpg golf swing (13.9 MB 18secs)

demo13_pict7 spooked sparrow (17.6 MB 47secs)

demo76_pict13 cloaked mother ship and swarm details (108 MB 179secs)

demo85-pict7 tobacco leaf flyer (99 MB 262secs)

demo114_pict6.mpg first 30 seconds (73 MB 149secs)

demo100_pict7.mpg does not come out the other side (172 MB 276secs)

demo801_pict005 270 degree turn (48 MB 91secs)

demo71_pict8 bright shiny (43 MB 121secs)

Drone-or-UFO-18Jul2010 moves across the cloud face (31 MB 52secs)

HERE is the Multi-Media Player / Search Engine search.exe (541kb) LATEST 15Nov2012

search.exe The Search engine / MultiMedia Player
the file below is the run time system that visual basic needs sometimes (the search.exe) is a VB program
If it complains about a missing msvbvm50.? download this
Or from HERE at my site (1.29 MB)

MPEG_VIDEOSmix.txt the control file for the timeline playback

autorun.inf (if you want the DVD you burn to autorun)
See the first 10 minutes that this proceedure creates

Now grab the control file for random playback

random_VIDEOSmix.txt the control file for random timeline playback
rename a copy of search.exe to random_VIDEOSmix.exe and click: away it goes