Project Camaro Under Construction

1967 Camero Project

1967 Camaro SC 327 Powerglide

          After many years we are hoping to start on the restoration of the Camaro.  We are hoping to restore it to unstock condition but make it appear stock. The first thing that has to be done is the body work, new quarters, front fenders, and a throrough rust removal and body panel staightening.  Frame connectors, a new front end c/w powersteering, and power brakes are up next along with c-sectioning the frame and bringing the shocks inboard. That should bring us close to the start of the powertrain mods, including new transmission, rear end, and killer street engine.  Of  course we may have to import / borrow a couple of the money trees that John Genovese has out on his farm.

Got any seedlings John!!??

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