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Areas of Practice

Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estates is about the transfer of ownership and interests in your property upon death. The preparation of a clear and legal "Will" is one aspect of our services. The other is assisting personal representatives after death in carrying out your wishes. The failure to prepare and sign a valid Will or creating a poorly drafted Will can lead to considerable unnecessary expense. It can also be a formula for family strife and conflict.

What we do:

Torry Lewis Abells LLP focus on three important things in helping our clients in these areas:

a. understanding the client's wishes;
b. drafting clear and understandable documents reflecting those wishes, and;
c. providing prompt and cost-effective services to help in honoring those wishes

Our lawyers are well qualified to do all of the above and to represent interested parties where problems arise. Many wills can be straightforward; others may be complex. This is particularly so where the assets consist of land, a business, minors or handicapped persons.

Personal Directives and Enduring Powers of Attorney

Alberta law has legalized the power to appoint persons to make business and health related decisions on your behalf; even if you should become incapable of such decisions on your own. These are powerful documents, capable of great cost savings and comfort for the person granting such powers. Improperly drafted, they can lead to misinterpretation and strife. Our lawyers would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of your needs or interests for Wills and Estates services.