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Kick sledding & Skijoring
(CH Nightsun Chiantra Aurora and CH Nightsun Chosen Legend of MJ's
showing once again that they are more than pretty faces)

On a beautiful winter Sunday afternoon, both Chiantra and Bossman were ready and anxious to try out this new adventure
Kick sledding and Skijoring clinic.

Our friends at North Paw had all the equipment for us.

Marty was great at explaining what to do and how to start.
First, the fitting of the harness

and getting use to having it on.
Now to start pulling...

lets drag an empty milk jug, pretty easy.
What about dragging a motocycle tire!!!
Just a bit more weight.
Ready to try the real thing!
But wait! I still need help.
Lets get moving!
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For information on kick sledding and skijoring clinic contact North Paw.
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