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An exciting canoe trip!
Summer is a busy season for the Nightsun Gang. Plenty of activities and little time to rest. Some are getting ready for a canoe trip ...
After a practice run, Kristen, Devon & BossMan (CH Nightsun Chosen Legend of MJ's) and Tanya, Kit & Kusa (CH Nightsun Kusa Lamon of MJ's) headed out for a weekend in the Canadian Rockies.

We went to Jasper on Thursday, hiked Verdant Pass on Friday. Very nice views of MT Edith Cavell, and great weather. We saw several elk including some near our campsite ... Bossman thought they were 800 lb cats and wanted to chase them. Had an amazing campsite thanks to the girl at the gate - a dog person and she gave us a site with a little stream running through the back for Bossy & Kusa to play in.

On Saturday morning we canoed Maligne Lake to some backcountry sites - lots of wildlife and no bears! Amazing views of the surrounding mtns, including some blue ice glaciers, and the huge Coronet glacier on the south end of the lake. Kirsten, our dog and I in one canoe, 2 friends and their dog in another. The dogs loved it - Bossman was checking out animals on the shore, and he eventually just napped in the sun. Had awesome weather that day, for the 13 km canoe trip. Also had awesome food thanks to Tanya with her backcountry Indian curry and naan.

Watch us move (video clip).

Then the rain began. It rained all Saturday night, which was fine because we had tarped our site. We kept thinking that it would quit. nope. Sunday morning we canoed out, 3 hours in the rain. We had to break frequently to bail the canoes. Thankfully we had plenty of dry bags. About an hour into the trip out the rain degraded to sleet, then light snow. I was just hoping no one would tip because it would be game over - Maligne Lake is glacier fed so the water is probably around 5 degrees.

I was thinking .. what would Bill Mason do?? I covered Bossman partly with the ground sheet of our tent. He was hanging his head, looking pretty pitiful in the canoe. Finally I got him to lay right against my leg and I completely covered him. He was really happy when we got to shore! Don't worry Y, I'm a health professional, your boy is in good hands ;)

It was pretty awesome to see the dock. When we went to get the cars, there was snow on the roof and windshields. The coldest part of the day was trying to load the canoe back on the car. As soon as we stopped paddling, the cold set in. Fortunately, we could huddle in the car with the heater cranked, and we had some dry clothes waiting. I was wearing a toque and heavy fleece sweatshirt for the rest of the day - I think the other people in Jasper, wearing shorts, thought I was crazy. We walked around Jasper townsite with Bossy and he was a big hit. Everyone wanted to stop and pet him. We all recovered from our cold morning , then drove to the Miette Hot springs on the way home. Came home a day early because we had no more dry clothes or shoes!

Anyways, I think I may be picking up a wetsuit and some neoprene gloves before our next trip. We had a great time, and so did Bossman (except for the shivering) and he is recovered now.

Thanks to Dr. Devon Phillips for the great story and
to Kit Ooraikul for the pics and video clip.

while others are learning to swim with the help of a couple of coaches...
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