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M.O.T.Ch. Nightsun Moon Shadow (Zoey)
#2 Top Obedience Airedale in Canada - 2006 and
#2 Top Obedience Terrier in Canada - 2006
#1 Top Obedience Airedale in Canada - 2005 and
#4 Top Obedience Terrier in Canada - 2005
They are out on the obedience circuit again this fall (2006) and everyone is talking about them.

Zoey is Nigthsun's first Master Obedience Trial Champion and we are proud of this wonderful team.

Within a couple of weeks Don and Zoey obtained an Obedience Trial Champion Excellent ( and a Master Obedience Trial Champion (

(See below for an explanation of these titles)

Zoey in action.
Zoey's first pair for the O.T.Ch.X
196 in Open B
196 in Utility

It wasn't long for Zoey to catch on and work towards her O.T.Ch. and she finished with a High in Class.

After a short rest these 2 are back in action.

This team of Champions is out again.
To be awarded Obedience Trial Champion Excellent (O.T.Ch.X) title this team must qualify in both Open and Utility in the same trial on 5 different occasions.

To be awarded Master Obedience Trial Champion (M.O.T.Ch.) this team must accumulate a total of 40 points of which a minimum of 15 points as to be acquired in each Open and Utility.
A minimum score of 190 in Open or 185 in Utility is needed to accumulate points.
One High in Class is required in either Open or Utility.

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