Melanie and George took Aesa on her first
backcountry camping trip on the May long weekend in Alberta.

We went hiking up to Ribbon falls in Kananaskis and I have to say we were not nearly as excited as Aesa when we discovered that there was still 3 feet of snow on the ground.

Aesa had a great time running around and bounding through the snow. She was a very busy puppy exploring every inch of the campground and didn't take a single minute to rest.

Once it was time for bed (very early as it was COLD) we coaxed her into the yellow contraption (tent) and told her that she could curl up to sleep in the blanket pad that Melanie had sewn for her the day before. After about 15 seconds she was curled up and fast asleep - must have been all the fresh air. After a couple of hours she decided that she was cold (it was minus 10) and in spite of the beautiful warm blanket she reluctantly decided to abandon her independant ways and join us inside the toasty warm sleeping bags. She spent a good 10 hours curled up on the feet at the bottom. How she didn't find it suffocating is beyond us - I guess happy and warm was worth more than fresh air and independance that night.

Our camp site and the yellow contraption called a tent.
It's breakfast time. Can I help?

Look who is up there!
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