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We will find links to different web sites that will give you accurate information about the breed and the versatility of the Airedale.

We will keep adding links to web sites that might be of interest to you. We are in no way responsible for the information found on these external web sites. Please advise us of any broken links.

Breed information
Clubs and Associations
Health, First Aid, Diet, etc.
Training, Fun and Games
Great Webs

Breed information
History Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
American Kennel Club (AKC)
Standard AKC - Breed standard in detail
Airedale Terrier Club of America – General appearance
Breeding What to look for in a good breeder
CKC – Code of Practice
ATCA – Choosing a reputable breeder
Being a responsible breeder
What is a Reputable Breeder, and How Do You Find One?
Clubs and Associations
High Altitude Airedale Terrier Club
Located in the beautiful western Canadian province of Alberta, the High Altitude Airedale Terrier Club strives to promote activities that Airedales as well as their owners enjoy!
Edmonton Kennel Club
The Edmonton Kennel Club was formed in 1910 to promote purebred dogs.
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA)
ATCA Hunting and Working Committee
Airedale Association of Calgary
Airedale Terrier Club of Italy
Health, First Aid, Diet, etc.
Airedale Terrier Health Survey Report 2001 (1.4mb – pdf)
Breeders – Vet Topics & Hints
Canine CPR
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
Canine Health
Chocolate and other dangerous goodies
Holistic Dog
List of toxic plants
Orthopedic foundation for animals (OFA)
Raw Meat Debate - Should you feed it to your dog?
Raw Meat & Bones
Your Animal’s Health
General Grooming
Gluing and Setting Ears – Serendipity Airedales
Grooming Tips (clipping)
Grooming Tips (stripping)
Pet Supply House
Training, Fun and Games
Puppy mouthing
Rally Obedience: Canadian Association of Rally Obedience(CARO)
Training Collar
Training with a prong collar
by Suzanne Clothier
Clicker Training Karen Pryor’s
Corally Burmaster – Airedale breeder and trainer
Great Webs
Dog Info Dog Play
Fun Sites Haylee's Web
Chaser's Web
Pip's Web
Dutch Henry Winery & Dog Dish
Barking Mad Beer
Arts 2005 Airedale Quilt (Airedales on Howlidays)
Designing Pottery by Nan Hamilton
Ragtail Prints by Ann Curran
Roberta Sparr
For your reading
Separation Anxiety (pdf)
Fear of Thunder (and other noises)
A collection of great articles by Suzanne Clothier
DOGSport Magazine
No Puppy Mills in Canada: Back yard breeders? (article)
No Puppy Mills in Canada: What is a puppy mill? (article)
Prisoners for profit: The shame of Puppy Mills (article)
Nightsun documentation
Puppy Buyers Guide
Responsible ownership
Dealing with hot summer days (pdf 38kb)
Suggested books & magazines
Travel tips (pdf 53kb)
Travel Pets

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