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Responsible ownership

Bringing a dog into your life is the beginning of a great friendship. It is very important that you choose and plan this new companion carefully. Owning a dog is a big responsibility and on average a 10-year commitment.

Ask yourself
What you need
Preparing for the arrival
Puppy Buyers Guide

Ask yourself:

  • What do I have to offer this dog?
  • What does this dog requires of me?
  • What do I want from this dog? (pet, companion, guard dog, show dog, working dog, etc.)
  • How much time do I have to devote? (to caring, training, playing, etc.)
  • What kind of exercise and how much exercise can I give this dog? (walking, running, hiking, cycling, playing fetch, etc.)
  • Do you work outside the home? How long will you be gone? Do you sometimes work overtime?
  • Can you come home sometime during the day? or Do you have someone that can?
  • Do you travel? Who will take care of the dog? (dog sitter or boarding kennel)
  • Have you found a good veterinary clinic?
  • Have you found a reputable training facility?Top of page


Have you consider the cost of owning a dog? The initial purchasing price is actually low when you take into consideration all the other expenses.

  • cost of the dog
  • yearly vaccinations and health examination
  • spaying / neutering
  • dental care
  • food
  • suitable sized crate
  • bed
  • training classes
  • equipment (collar, leash, comb & brush, toys, bowls, etc.)
  • grooming
  • licensing
  • boarding/dog-sitters
  • unpredictable injuries / illnesses.Top of page

Equipment you need to have:

  • collar
  • leash/retractable leash (flexi)
  • ID tag (optional)
  • bed
  • suitable sized crate
  • food
  • bowls
  • comb & brush
  • toys
  • a good breed-specific book.Top of page

Preparations / dog proofing your house:

  • move all valuables and breakables out of reach
  • move all cleaners, pesticides, poisonous plants, etc. out of reach
  • have a fenced yard or a dog run
  • find a good area in the house where you can see and supervise the puppy at all times
  • find a good veterinary clinic.
You are now ready to take home your new companion.
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