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CH. Penridge Sweet Mona CDX SHDCH AM.CD

1989 Championship
CD obedience title
1990 Am CD
CDX obedience title
Top Obedience Dog Award (Dogs in Canada)
Second Airedale Terrier
Ninth Terrier
1991 Top Obedience Dog Award (Dogs in Canada)
Second Airedale Terrier
Third Terrier
1992 Scent Hurdle Dog (S.H.D.)
Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent (S.H.D.X.)
Scent Hurdle Dog Champion (S.H.D. Ch.)

The Scent hurdle titles are some of the first versatility titles to be recognized and awarded by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Mona was the first Airedale Terrier to be awarded a S.H.D.CH. from the CKC. To this day no other Airedales have received a S.H.D.CH.

Scent Hurdle Races are mostly held in Western Canada and may be seen at many dog shows.

I thank Mona for having trained me and showing me the many faces of an Airedale Terrier, not bad for two novices at the time!

Ch = Champion (Conformation)
CD = Companion Dog (Novice level)
CDX = Companion Dog Excellence (Open level)
OTCh = Obedience Trial Champion (Utility level)

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