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CH. Penridge Sweet Mona CDX SHDCH AM.CD
(October 03, 1987 - December 26, 1992)

SWEET MONA was our first Airedale to take us into obedience training and introduced us to the conformation show ring. For good reasons Mona felt the need to show us that she had the right stuff. Always willing to learn, Mona made it easy for me (Yvan) because I did not have a very good idea of want was involved in obedience training, with time, patience and 2 good instructors Mona and I went on to discover how much fun obedience trialing really was.

Her conformation show career was short, achieving her Can. Championship in two weekends.

It’s been said by many that we do learn a lot from our dog, well, I could not agree more. Mona was not with us for very long but her love of life, her intelligence and wisdom, her willingness to learn her sweetness made Mona a great companion and a super friend to us and to the many who knew her.

Special thanks to all those who helped in training Mona and I.

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