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Yvan Mongeon & Louise Chady
1412 Bearspaw Dr.E
Edmonton, Alberta
T6J 5E3

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Welcome to Nightsun Airedale Terriers

Edmonton, Alberta

What's new at Nightsun (July/09)

Our love and passion for Airedales started in the mid 80's; with 2 rescue Airedales from the Edmonton SPCA. Later came MONA our 1st CKC reg'd Airedale.

We invite you to visit each member of our family by clicking on the side bar buttons.

As you are about to discover through our web site Louise and I quickly realized that an Airedale is much more than a pretty face! We realized the need for some training. Between the many weekends of great hiking with all our Airedales came the obedience trials, scent-hurdle races, some agility and let's not forget the conformation side, our passion was in full bloom (and still is).

In the 90'swe discovered yet another face to those fabulous Airedales, this time it was field work. So we set out for a spring vacation to Columbus, Ohio where the National Hunting and Working weekend took place. This is a long way from Edmonton but passion will make you do funny things. In Ohio we discovered people of vision for putting on much more than just hunt tests. For us, at Nightsun, these trials give our Airedales an opportunity to fulfill their instincts, from hunting tests to tracking. All these activities make life more satisfying & complete for our Airedales. From the field to the forest to the show ring, these are moments that we treasure and share with our closest friends, our Airedales.

If we, as their keepers, have not seen to the fulfillment of their instincts, we have failed them on the most basic of needs and are guilty of robbing them of a heritage we claim to protect and conserve through breeding to the standard.

Although we breed only on occasion, a lot of research and planning goes into our breeding program. We focus on health, temperament and conformation standard. If we can't help you with a Nightsun Airedale puppy we will be please to refer you to good and respectable breeders that have the welfare of the breed in mind.

Bringing a dog into your home is the beginning of great friendship. Each pup will be someone's best friend and working companion and for that reason we take extra care in placing each pup into the best suitable family.

Visits to our home are welcome, contact us to meet
our 3 generation of friendly Airedales.
This is a good opportunity to learn more about the breed.

Member in good standing of:
High Altitude Airedale Terrier Club (HAATC) - President/Founder
Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA)
Hunting and Working Airedale Committee Member (ATCA)
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
Edmonton Kennel Club (EKC)

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