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(Contains material by myself (Thomas S. Gibson); as well as others)

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The Lukewarm Church - the churches today are lukewarm, believing in God but denying the power and even the salvation message from the Bible. They are endanger of being spued out of the mouth of God.

What's Wrong With The Church? Revised and Enlarged - a book written by the commandment of the Lord concerning major errors within the evangelical churches. It has been revised emphasizing humility and leadership within the church.

Knowing False Ministries, and Finding True Ones - written under the commandment and direction of the Lord, this book reveals ways of determining which ministries are operating from the power of God, and which are operating from the spirit of the world; “You shall know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:16.



Articles: Prophetic


The Order of End Time Events - an outline of prophetic events from Matthew 24 & 25

The Purpose of Judgment - a Biblical examination of the reasons God sends judgment

What Is True Repentance of a Nation? - an examination of the conditions of the Bible for the repentance of a nation

Understanding Prophetic Fulfillment - a look at strange ways that some prophecies are fulfilled and why others are not

Understanding Judgment and Blessing Prophecies - All such prophecies are subject to specific conditions found within the Bible

Dream Received April 1997 by Dumitru Duduman - and the interpretation God has given me

Esdras’ Vision of the United States of America - The interpretation God has shown me concerning the vision seen by Esdras at about 400 B.C.

Prophetic Comparison of Daniel 7, Zechariah 6, and Revelation 6 - an interpretation that God gave me concerning the beasts of Daniel, and the horses of Zechariah and Revelation

The Time of the Russian Invasion of America - a look at the December 7, 1995 [1995 12 07.1] prophecy and the time it will occur.

The Bush Prophecy – understanding how this word has been fulfilled.



Articles: General


About The Prophet - a short history of myself and my calling to the prophetic

The Arrogance of Date Setting

The Temptation to Interpret

The Leadership of the New Testament Church - a comparison of the present day church leadership to that of the New Testament

The Four Gospels Combined - my notes showing how I believe the Gospels are joined together

Dating of the Old Testament - my notes showing the dates from Adam to Jesus Christ

Negotiating With God - asking of what we should not have

The Fear of the Lord - an understanding of what this term means

A Study on ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ - an examination of the most powerful sermon Jesus preached

True Churches and False Ideologies - a look at the power that is within true churches and why much of it is missing today

Perversion of God's Blessings - Rewritten and expanded to contain the truth about the hundredfold return and other money issues. Man's lust for money is not justified by the Bible!

The Need for Prayer and Fasting - Christians must be in prayer and fasting to walk in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ

Sojourning Through a Strange Land - We are not to be of this world, but we are to be separated from its influence

What Does the Bible Say? - So many Christians are not reading the Word for themselves, but just believing whatever they are told



Books by Others


Visions Beyond the Veil - by H. A. Baker - An account of how the Holy Spirit fell among the children of the Adullam Rescue Home in early twentieth century China resulting in visions and prophecies.

Heaven and the Angels - by H. A. Baker - a collection of accounts of those who have visited heaven or seen angels

Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City - by H. A. Baker - four chapters from the book "The Three Worlds" which include visions not included in the above two books.

Beyond Pentecost - Clayt Sonmore - THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!! Sonmore, one of the early founders of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, pens this book as the Holy Spirit directs.



Articles by Others


Others May—But You Cannot - The Biblical Evangelist

Prophetic Irresponsibility - Bryan Hupperts

The Inspiration of the Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated & Other Writings - Ivan Panin - Mathematical proof of the Verbal Inspiration of the Bible

We Have Lost the Gospel - Andrew Strom                       

Wanted: Troublemakers in the Church - David Wilkerson




The Salvation Plan According to the Bible

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