That God Has Given


To His Prophet,


Thomas S. Gibson,


in the Years:


2001 – 2004


(Book 2)







This is a ministry of publishing prophecies, signs, and miracles that God has given me and others. This book consists of the prophecies, visions, dreams, and occurrences that God has given me in the years 2001 through 2004. Thomas S. Gibson






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January 2002

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January 2002





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The Call of this Prophet


I was brought up as a born again christian. However, none of the churches I attended when I was young believed in all of the five fold ministry. Most of them did not believe in miracles today. As far as I know none of them would accept the office of the prophet; and would consider anyone who called himself so as a false prophet. This is what the Lord had to start with when teaching me concerning truth.


The Lord called me to be a prophet at age 18. During the time from that call until He began to give me prophecies and visions (1973 to 1994), the Lord taught me concerning Him and the Bible. This was an important period when I had to learn the importance of the call and the humble obedience that was required. I had to learn to discern between the false and the true. It was a time when I had to get used to the idea of God speaking to me on a regular basis; which He did.


Many concepts I had of the Bible and of christian practices had to give way to Biblical teaching. It was after this teaching time that God began to give me prophecies in 1994. I had received a few before this, but only rarely. From this time on God began to use me as a tool for His kingdom.


The prophecies, visions, dreams, and other revelations that God has given me, He has told me to publish so others can read and understand what He has to say to the church and the world today. Most of these deal with sin in the church and the judgments of God that are coming (and have already come) on the earth.


Thomas S. Gibson




Book 2: The Prophecies for the Years 2001 - 2004:


2001 01 04.1


Thus says the Lord. Hear and understand the word of God. For the times and the seasons ahead are close to the economic crash. You see much turmoil in stock markets and in economic forecasts. This is not the crash, but it is the fore-goings before the crash.


You shall see much of this. Do not let it alarm you. Know that the time is at hand and soon shall be that the economic crash will come.


But seek Me and My ways, and seek My Word. Spend time in My Word. Spend time in prayer and know that I am calling you, My people, to be a witness on this earth of the coming times, of the coming seasons, so that they will know that there is a God in heaven and this God controls all. He knows what will come. He has it under control. Disaster on the world is disaster for the world; but for the christian who serves Me, saith the Lord, I lead them through, every one of them, and without exception.


Those that serve Me will go through the fire, they’ll go through the valley, they’ll go through whatever comes by the power of the living God. Those of the world are in trouble!


So let it be known that God has shown you, through the prophets, that there is a great anointed time coming to prepare you for what you are to walk through, and to lead you through it.


Thus says the Lord, no more shall the world say, “there are some religious fanatics, but who can trust them?” They shall rise up in great furore against you. They will not like your God. They will not like you following Him. And they will not like you witnessing.


They shall rise up like never before and violence shall occur.


Yes, My people, I am with you, even unto the ends of this earth. Take note of the book of Acts. Take note of the book of Acts. For in there great revivals occurred, but also great persecution! The two must go together.


Stand and beware, this is the time of great revival, of true revival, and of true persecution.


For thus says the Lord, I will bring you out the other side unto a kingdom of heaven with great glory––streets so glorious you cannot imagine––and I will give you a place where you shall rest. But now, you go through the fire, says the Lord.




2001 01 06.1


For thus saith the Lord, I am that I am. I am He that serves you. Yes, I serve you in that I am with you and protect you in all things that you shall face. Know this, in the coming times, that I am with you to the end of the world!!



2001 01 13.1


For thus says the Lord, look not to the false prophet for guidance. For there are many such false prophets. Listen to My Word, and look at My Word. How many are calling themselves to some great high calling? Are not many?


Many have called themselves to the prophet of Elijah. Many call themselves to the two witnesses. Many call themselves to some great high calling they find in scripture. But I am the Lord, and when I call someone, I will call them.


Look not to those who build themselves up in pride and seek to be some great known person, for they are the evil ones seeking to devour the sheep. For they are sheep not at all, not even a little bit. They may appear to be sheep, and they may be called sheep; but they are not! For they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I have warned you about this in My Word. I have stated this in My Word. And you know that there are such false prophets around.


But in this day and age––it’s a time of false prophets. They shall rise like never before. And satan shall use, through his various means, the false prophets, and the excesses of the false prophets, and the dangers of the false prophets to bring about a great persecution against My prophets and against My people.


So beware and know that you should spend your time in the Word of God seeking carefully what is true and what is false, comparing what you find in the Word to what you find in the world.


For in the world there is much falseness, and in the church there is much falseness. So be careful and be warned the time of the false prophets is rising up. And while there have been many in the past there’ll be much more in the future.


Beware of those people calling themselves, for how many Elijah’s have I called? Was there not one? How many, says the Lord? Do not be deceived. I have called only prophets to My Kingdom, apostles to My Kingdom, evangelists, pastors and teachers. But there are many that call themselves, who desire to be some great one, who listen to some evil spirit, and they themselves are deceived and deceive many. So says the Lord God.



2001 01 13.2


For thus saith the Lord, watch ministries that raise themselves up in the pride of this world. There are two types of such ministries: those that serve Me, but have gone after the flesh and want to raise up their name; and those that serve satan who naturally flow into the pride of the world.


Both shall be equally judged, saith the Lord, both shall be equally judged! For I am bringing about a judgment on ministries. In the coming years you shall see this significantly. You shall see the hand of God against ministers that have turned against Me, and ministries which are wolves in sheep’s clothing, which are designed specifically by satan to deceive the world.


I shall bring My hand against them. And yet they shall rise up in greater numbers than before. They shall flourish for a time, and then I shall judge them for their sin.


For thus saith the Lord, never again will I have My church so deceived as its been in the past. For I shall bring a quickening of My Spirit to My people. If they will heed this Spirit, they will know the Spirit of God speaks to certain people. And they will know that certain things are not of the Kingdom of God––but are not of the Kingdom in any way, but are not of anything to do with the Kingdom, but are not anything whatsoever to do with God. But while they use the name of Jesus, while they use the name of God, while they rise up in great religious ways; they are of satan, and they are born of him.


For thus saith the Lord, great is My Kingdom, and I shall begin to show this into My people so that they will know who is of Me and who is not. And as I teach them this––to listen to the Holy Spirit and receive this discerning of spirits––they will rise up and know who to follow and who not to, who to listen to and who not to.


For My Word is going forth and we are in the preparation for the very, very last days. So says the Lord God.



2001 01 20.1


For thus saith the Lord. Let the Spirit of God control you. Let Him guide you. Let Him lead you. He shall show you what to do in the coming days.


For in these days you shall see a lot more financial problems than ever before. And you shall say, “This is the beginning of the crash,” and you’d be right. It is the beginning of it, just at the door, just about to take place; for this is the beginning of it.


Many things shall happen in this crash. It shall not occur at once. And each event will bring it farther down the road toward the bottom.


However, if you will look to the world’s financial institutions––to study what they say when it occurs, and how to get through and how to protect yourself––you will lose. God is greater than anything the financial institutions can come up with. He will meet your needs.


Did not I create miracles? In one of the greatest troubled times of days of old I sent Elijah to the widow. She had nothing to offer him, save one meal. Yet I met their needs throughout the entire time.


This is the way I shall meet the needs in the coming days. Not by the power of the world, but by the power of My might, saith the Lord.


Heed Me and know that the times at hand can only begotten through safely in the power of the Spirit of God. Only My people can walk through this way. The world shall be in trouble at every turn.


So stand and know that at the door is the first beginnings of the real crash. Yes, there have been preludes to it, there’s been trouble in the financial world. But these are just preludes to it. They amount to nothing compared to what it to come.


And each step that comes will be another step toward the bottom of the rock, and the rock at the bottom is the bottom of the financial world––till the financial world only produces what is necessary: things like food, clothing, and heat and shelter. Even then many people will be troubled to be able to afford them. At first it will look like a recession, but much more is coming than the recession.


So stand by and let the world know that you stand with the Lord Jesus Christ. Let Him guide you, and in each individual case I shall show you how to stand in faith and receive from the Lord, and the needs shall be met.


I shall do many things in this world. For this is the time of the end times. And just now we are beginning to reach into the beginning of the great revival of the end times when My people shall stand up and be glorious, shall stand up in power; they shall stand up in strength.


They need a shakening. A shakening to show that they are no longer standing with the world, but are standing with the glory of God; no longer relying on the world, but relying on the glory of God. When this relying on the glory comes, then revival comes, saith the Lord.



2001 01 24.1


The Lord said to me while in prayer, I will show you something.


Immediately, in my spirit, I could see a path before me. It was absolutely straight and level! I could not see anything but the path. But then, as a short time went by, I looked and began to see to the left and to the right. I began to see mountains, valleys, and cliffs––very treacherous conditions to walk in! In these treacherous conditions I could see pathways where people had walked and made paths. It would have to be very difficult to walk there.


Then the Lord said this:


Thus saith the Lord, here am I, follow me. This path is My straight and narrow. Through the hills and the valleys and the mountains and the cliffs––on either side of this straight and narrow, either side of this life of straightness and narrowness that I have called My people to––you will see paths worn by people who have walked over this area many times; climbed, and tried to climb, fallen in valleys, and kept on going. These people are headed toward Me, but they are not on the path. They have missed the path. Some can’t find the path. And they are going at it the hardest way possible.


To walk on this path you need complete commitment to Me, saith the Lord. You need complete commitment. You need to sell everything that is of the flesh. You need to give it all up, and keep that which is of Me. Every time you look to this world and its goods you step into the hills, the cliffs, and the valleys, and you walk the hard life.


I said in the book of Matthew, My yoke is easy and My burden is light. If you will get off of looking at the world, sell yourself totally to the Lord Jesus Christ, you will find yourself on that level path, straight and narrow, and easy to walk on.


For when you are on that path all you see is My will. You don’t see what is to the left and to the right. You don’t see the problems of this earth. You see what I tell you to do, you see what I call you to do, and you simply do it.


It is not important what happens when you do it. It’s just important you obey. This is the complete commitment that puts the very few on the straight and narrow.


Thus saith the Lord, I am calling My people who have wandered off the path that they once started on, back to the straight and narrow, selling themselves out only to the Lord Jesus Christ., leaving the cares of this world aside (for they have nothing to do with the walk with the Lord), calling them to follow My Son forever––just step by step, not caring about anything save obedience to the Holy Spirit.


When they come to that place they’ll be on the straight and narrow. Their yoke will be easy, and their burden will be light. Thus saith the Lord, this is the way it is.






2001 01 24.2


[As I was speaking this prophecy, I could feel the heart of Jesus breaking because of the sin of His people. I wept throughout it.]


For thus saith the Lord. I call My people to the road, back to the straight and narrow, for I love them and I care for them. I seek their repentance, and I am willing to forgive.


There are two direct lies of satan that he attacks My people with. The first is to get them out of My will and into sin. And the second is greater: that I would never forgive them.


But, oh, I seek the opportunity to forgive them. I seek their repentance, for they are mine, and I wish them to stand with Me, saith the Lord Jesus Christ.



2001 02 03.1

For thus says the Lord, hear the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Know My people are called to serve Me, to witness to a dead world, a dead world dead to the things of the Lord, dead to the things of heaven––they are alive only unto filth and sin (and it’s not an alive, and it’s a death to themselves, but they think it’s alive––they look upon such things as good––they do not understand).


You are My light to the world. Stand strong in this light; stand strong. Be the light I have called you to be. Wherever you are, and wherever I send you, be a light unto the world, for so I have called everyone of My people.


Now there are some I have called to much higher callings. Humble yourselves. Do not seek to raise up your ministry. For the moment you seek to raise up your ministry, you have sought sin and pride.


Seek to raise up the Name of Jesus. Seek to put forth the work of the Lord. Seek what I would have you do. All those that are called into My work, seek what I would have you to do––and do it!


If I want it to be raised up, I will raise it up. If I want it put down, I will put it down. Those who stand up in pride will be put down. Those ministries that have raised up great ministries––built their name up and not Mine, saith the Lord––they shall be put down.


When the crash comes––and it shall come, and it shall come soon, and it shall come very soon––and when it comes, I will crash many ministries at that time. For you see they will have raised themselves up on a tidal wave of prosperity of the world, and when that prosperity falls, they will fall with it. For their foundation is built on the love of money.


But those ministries that are built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, they shall rise up and continue, for they have been built on a very solid Rock, says the Lord.



2001 02 07.1


For thus saith the Lord, hear the power of God in your life.


Those who thirst for righteousness, who hunger for the things of God: they shall receive the power of the Lord.


Those who spend their time in the things of the world, receive the things of the world, the blessings of the world. And when the world’s blessings come to an end, their blessings come to an end.

Make no mistake! I do not reward those of My people who spend no time with Me, or very little time. Those who spend time with Me in prayer, and in fasting, and in studying the Word––they are the ones that will stand up and receive great miracles and great glory in the last days. And these are the last days.


You are about to see My hand upon this earth in a greater way than ever before. In 3 specific ways you will see it:


1. You will see the judgments of God roll out: one at a time, and severely.

2. You will see the miracles of God come forth upon His people as He

delivers them, protects them, and guides them through this time, and

3. You’ll see a revival come forth from this. You’ll see a revival like never

before, saith the Lord!



2001 02 07.2


The following things will occur during the years known as “the war years.”


Thus says the Lord, coming is the Russian invasion throughout Canada and most of the U. S. You will see a significant invasion of foreign forces. During this time the United States will be brought to its knees.


It is after this time that you will see great persecution against My people, and against My church. But it is also after this time you shall see the greatest revival ever to come, rise up. Before that time you shall see revival. You shall say it is great!. Indeed, it shall be great. But the revival to come after will be much stronger, and much strengthened, says the Lord.



2001 02 11.1


There is coming a time when the church shall strike against the church, and fight against the church, christian against christian. Beware of this time.


This war is brought about by Me; not to bring war, for it is not My will for christian to fight against christian. But I prophesied of such things when I said, “the mother will be against her daughter, a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law.” I shall split people: one side on the truth, and one side on evil.


Take note: do not participate in this war. When it comes, pray for those who fight against you. Pray for those who speak against you. Pray for those who verbally abuse you. Pray for those against you.


Those people who pray for those against them and will not fight, shall win this war. You see that is a spiritual war. This is not a physical war. And those who will pray––as I said in the 5th chapter of Matthew, pray for them who are against them, pray for them who use them, pray for them who say things against them.


Those who will stand up and do that, and love their enemies, they are My children of extreme, high quality. For they are in love with the Spirit of God, so much so they care not about the things of this earth. They love their enemies. They do good to them that hate them. Those are My children. Those are those who walk in great anointing.


Learn to walk in this. It is coming very soon. Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you––this is My commandment, says the Lord.



2001 02 11.2

Thus saith the Lord, My people hear My voice, and My people despise My voice. So many of My people love the world. They love tickling ears––my prophets who prophecy falsely, bring forth nice words of great comfort––and they love to hear it; and sometimes I will send forth nice prophecies. We’re standing at the brink of the last of the end times. The judgments are about to fall, and I have raised up many prophets to prophesy of it, and few want to hear.


Take note of the prophecies. Take note of My Word. The warning is not for you to run to some safe haven and stay there. For if you have gained this from the prophecies you have gained nothing. The warning is for you to go to your knees and say, “Lord, purify my heart, find any wicked way in me, burn it out. I don’t care if it hurts, I want the sin out!” That’s what you need to learn.


For if you will learn this and walk in that kind of purity before Me, then I, saith the Lord God, will renew My strength in My people and protect them in all that is to come. So says the Lord.



2001 02 11.3


Stand and know that in the last days, and even in these days, I said I will never leave you nor forsake you, not even to the ends of the earth.


Note this scripture. It is so absolutely true. I shall never leave you. Do not be dismayed at what you see. For I said in the first chapter of Jeremiah, “do not be dismayed at them, lest I dismay you before them”. If you have no faith to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit in your life, you have no faith, you have no faith. But if you will believe and not fear before the things that are coming, stand up then in faith, let Me deliver you, set you free, and keep you free. For the days are evil.


If you relied on the flesh to try and deliver you, you’d find there would be no deliverance. You could deliver yourself for a time, but you’d come to an end of that time to where there is no deliverance, except in the Hand and in the Palm of the Lord. That’s where you need to be, knowing I never leave you nor forsake you, not to the ends of the earth. So says the Lord.



2001 02 19.1


In prayer, this morning, I could see a man standing with his feet so far over the edge of a cliff that only the back of his heels where on the ground. As I watched, he moved his right foot ahead, so that he was standing with only the back of his left heel on the ground. [This appears to be a continuing vision of this man; this being the fifth such vision. See prophecies 1998 10 27.1, 2000 05 29.1, 2000 11 01.1, 2000 11 01.2; also see number six: 2001 03 17.1]


Then this word of the Lord: thus saith the Lord, the man represents the economy about to step over the cliff and to fall down. But I say unto you, Thomas, learn not how close it is, but speak the word, and know when it comes it shall come by My hand and by My direction.



2001 02 23.1


Thus says the Lord. I am the I am. Listen not unto the ideas of men, which are found throughout the religions of man.


Listen to the Word of God, the Bible. Carefully listen to what is found in there. This Word of God (Bible) contains all truth for mankind.


Those who listen to various interpretations of man, are listening to man’s ideas. Those who listen to the Word of God––and accept it for what it is, not for how they wish to interpret it––listen to God and truth.



2001 02 25.1


While in prayer this morning I could see in front of me, in my spirit, a sea of people coming toward me. However, I could not see faces, they seemed to be blocked out.


Then this word of God:


Thus saith the Lord, these are those who are truly saved, who seek My will (and not My ways to get themselves saved, as in fire insurance), but who seek My will and seek My ways to be saved to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who seek to worship Me, who seek to bow down to the great God of the universe, the God of everything that has ever been made. These people know the truth, humble themselves, and obey the Word of God.


You see them coming, Thomas, from afar. Where they come from is important. They come out of the world religions, seeking the prophet, seeking the apostle, seeking those of God to lead them. I am placing such apostles and prophets in the world today. I am placing them to guide My people and to lead them.


But there is a trouble. The trouble is that there are many false apostles and many false prophets gone forth to deceive. For satan has perceived what is going on. Deception is his game, and he is going forth to deceive. Pray, therefore, that the people will know the true from the false, that they will have revealed to them what is of God and what is not.


Hear this word and know that the times of My people coming out of the religions of man are here. You stand at the doors. You shall see this occur. And when it occurs I am preparing to lead My people, not unto a great new religion, but unto a great power in the streets, a great power in the cities, a great power wherever they go. And the days of miracles––such as when I was on this earth, saith the Lord––they are here again.


This is the end time church. This is the church that shall walk in the end times, that shall bring people to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what is coming, saith the Lord.



2001 03 03.1


Thus saith the Lord. Harken not unto the world and its ways. For those people who harken unto the things of the earth, they are of the spirit of this earth, which is the spirit of satan.


Those who harken unto me, saith the Lord, they are persecuted by the world. So the spirit of the world knows the Spirit of God and persecutes it.


Look not unto the world. So many of My people have looked unto the world, sought to be looked up to by the world. And they have missed it. For they have sought the things of the world and not the things of God.


Look unto Me, and know that the world will persecute you as you do so. But if you seek to be looked upon by the world as a good religion, or as someone who stands in good morality, or as someone who stands in truth, you shall be bitterly disappointed.


For the spirit of the world persecutes the Spirit of God wherever it finds it, saith the Lord.



2001 03 08.1

Many christians fail to understand the God they serve. For have they not read in the Word when the children of Israel lacked food I placed manna on the ground; when they lacked water I brought it forth from a rock; whenever they had a need I met it? How is it that My people today do not understand that when the hard times come I will deliver them and keep them all the way through it? I’ll give them strength to stand in persecution, and I’ll meet their needs under the most severe conditions.


They read these things in My Word and many, yes, very many fail to understand I will meet their needs. How can they not understand and believe My Word?



2001 03 17.1

I could see in my spirit the man walking up to the edge of the cliff [This is a continuing series of visions of the economy. This is number six in the series. See prophecies 19981027.1, 2000 05 29.1, 2000 11 01.1, 2000 11 01.2, 2001 02 19.1]. I could see him step out with his heels so close to the edge that he was barely on the ground. As I watched he step right off the cliff and began to fall. As he did so the scene before me was frozen, as you would freeze-frame from a video machine.


The Lord said: this is how far it has gone––it has begun!


Thus says the Lord, hear Me My people. Do not look unto the finances of this world, but look unto the Spirit of God, and He shall lead you through.



2001 03 17.2


The drought in western Canada has begun. [See prophecy 1999 06 08.1]


[In most of western Canada we have had a winter of very low precipitation––very little snow. In Alberta, January was the warmest and driest on record. Records have been kept since the 1880’s.]



2001 03 17.3


For thus says the Lord. The days that come––as you see this crash, and as you see things being fulfilled in the prophetic––it is a sign that things are being spoken by God and not by man.


Thus says God. Repent and turn fully to the ways of the Bible. Study it and look at it. Look throughout the New Testament. Are you living this kind of life? Those who will seek Me and live according to the New Testament commands I will fully deliver in the coming days.


Those who play religious games, building up men's organizations, making themselves look great, they are in for a fall, and they are in for a fall of falls! For I shall judge them

severely, says God.



2001 03 17.4


There are those who fear being persecuted, who fear suffering for Jesus. But I say, says the Lord, that great is the deliverance those people shall have in heaven. The greater they suffer here, the more they are rewarded there.


The early church understood this, says the Lord. They looked forward to having the privilege of being persecuted and suffering. Today they fear it and don’t understand it.


Here on this earth I test you. Those who are persecuted most and suffer the greatest are rewarded the greatest. And I shall reward them, and I shall greatly reward them, and make them a high call in My heaven, and in My new heaven and My new earth. For they shall be standing with Me as kings and priests, says the Lord God.



2001 03 24.1


Thus says the Lord. Hear this word of the living God. He desires to set His people free, to keep them free, to set them above and not beneath.


Listen to this word and understand. The days are coming when heartaches shall spread over the land. All shall be affected unless they are under My protection. Those who are under My protection are My children. They shall be protected, says the Lord God, they shall be protected. My power shall encompass them. I shall feed them. I shall clothe them. I shall give them drink. For I will guide them and lead them, meet all their needs, and do everything they require. My hand will be upon them. It will be a day of extraordinary miracles.


Fear not what is to come. The flesh fears what is to come. The spirit bows its knee to the will of God and goes on through knowing that he is serving the Lord and the Lord shall take care in every way. So says the Lord God of heaven. Amen, and amen.



2001 03 28.1


For thus saith the Lord. Watch not the market to seek to determine whether it goes up or down. Heed the word of the God of the universe: it is going down. Whether it goes up or whether it goes down on a given day, it is going down.


This is the time of the crash. And as it comes, seek not the world and its finances. For those who seek the world and its finances, they shall be judged, even My people who have sought not after Me but after the world. But I do so not to bring great wrath on them, but to shake them up and bring them back to a faith walk with Me, saith the Lord.


For it is faith, daily, with Me, that they must walk in. They must not seek the things of the earth, but the things of God. For when you stand on the Rock Christ Jesus you stand on the solid Rock that cannot be moved. So says the Lord.



2001 03 28.2


For thus saith the Lord. There are many prophets and there are many apostles which I am raising up in this day and in this age. For My people need to be led by those who I appoint and anoint to lead them.


But beware and be forewarned many are the false prophets and many are the false apostles. For they rise up by great number. You shall know them by their fruits. Look unto them and seek their fruits to see what they are. Do not run after them until you have sought what they are like.


Those of My people are of humble attitude––they seek not money, they seek not the love of this earth, they seek not importance of this earth, they seek not to be known, they seek not to be made a big name for themselves, they seek not a following.


But the earth, and those of the earth seek all these things. Remember there are three basic types of false prophets and of false apostles. Number one are those who are led by satan. They are most deceptive and most destructive, for they really use the terminology of the church, but the heart is filled with evil. Then there are those, in the pride of trying to be important, have called themselves to a ministry which I did not call them too. This is evil, and I tell you it is sin! Then there are those who I have called who seek not My will but their own and have gone astray after their own minds.


All these will yield the fruits of the earth. They seek the pride, and the money, and the name, and the glory. They seek to raise themselves up and be great and be looked up to; but they are not of Me, for they have gone after the things of the earth, and I will have none of it, saith the Lord.



2001 03 28.3


There are days coming, says the Lord, when My church, My true church, called by My Name, shall raise up in such power and such glory that they shall be greater than the book of Acts church. These days are fast approaching, but much must be done.


For My church seeks after one wave and then they’re blown to some other doctrine, and then a different doctrine, and this is not of Me.


But My church must humble themselves and seek the things of the Word of God. And as I purify them, and burn sin out of their life, they shall become that church of great power and glory. So says the Lord.



2001 03 28.4


Thus says the Lord. Great are the times at hand. Those who submit to the Spirit of God in fullness and in completeness will stand strong in the days to come. Those who die to self and live only for the Lord, caring not for themselves, caring not for their own desires, they shall be blest greatly for their hearts are totally after Me, says the Lord. These are the ones that shall overcome. So says the Lord God.



2001 03 28.5


While I was in prayer I could see a man, in my spirit, pacing up and down short distances. He was walking with his hands clasped behind his back and his head down. He was in deep thought. Then, suddenly, he seemed to come to a decision or an idea, as he stopped pacing bringing his hands forward, and he looked up.


Then the Lord said: this man is in thinking for whom to serve. He wonders if it is an advantage to serve the world, or to serve religion, or to serve the true God. But he comes to an understanding that there is a Creator and He is the only One to serve. So says the Lord God.



2001 04 05.1

As I closed my eyes during prayer this morning I could see a mass of people coming toward me, more than I could count. I was above their heads as they came. As I watched they raised their hands in praise to God I knew in my spirit the praise was for delivering them from the world and the ways of the world.


In the distance I could see from where they had come. They were coming out of many different churches. As I watched I understood in my spirit they were leaving because they had been pushed out.


Now thus says the Lord. These are My people called by My Name. In every church and in every denomination I have placed My people, called by My Name, serving Me in truth, serving Me in humility, and serving Me in holiness.


There is coming a time when they shall not compromise the Word. And there will come a division between those of My people who will not compromise the Word––the Word of God––and those of the world which fill the churches having placed themselves in positions of power, and positions of control, and have made the churches power of none effect.


For the church power is My power, says the Lord, and none of it is being put forward in these churches because of the control of the people of the world over the people of God.


There is coming a great war within the church, a non-compromising people, some of which will leave of their own free will but most will be pushed out in this war, a great spiritual war, which will see many people pushed out of the church. And they will come out dazed and not understanding that it is My will for them to come out.


For you see there is a great compromise within the churches: a compromise of My Word, a compromise of My will. And as I bring out My people they shall become united like the first century church and they shall go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit and the church shall return; and the church, the true church, the people, shall be united in great strength on the streets, and in the cities, and in towns, and wherever you go. They shall be united. And they will become the church.


Yes, there will still be divisions, denominations here and denominations there, but they will not be of Me! For either the denomination will repent and bow its knee and serve Me and just become the church and not a denomination, or I will reject the denomination and bring My people out. For I will not have a divided church in the last days. I cannot have a divided church in the last days. I need My power to flow through these people. I need unity, not division. I need humility, not arguments over differences of doctrine. And I need My people to flow in the strength. For in these last days there must come a great harvest of souls into the church and without this unity it can never come.


For I am not in favour of this war, but I must bring it to pass to bring the unity again. I must create a division between those who compromise and those who serve. I must bring a division between those who are of the world and are in control, and those who in humility want to serve Me. And they must be in unity with Me. Those in humility––they must be in unity.


This will come to pass. You are seeing a little bit now, as a few people are called out of the denominations. But many of My people are still there. Many of My people still want to be there. And I am telling them now, there is coming a time I will bring them out.


Don’t rush out, and don’t rush to stay in. Heed My Spirit and when it comes, follow the Spirit of the Lord. Be in unity one with another. Do not argue differences of doctrine, but rather join in ranks in the power of the Holy Spirit, and be a sign unto the world, and be a witness unto the world, and be a power of the Holy Spirit. And this will bring in the great last day harvest of souls of which I will bring in hundreds of thousands throughout the world into the gospel way. So says the Lord!



2001 04 05.2


With my eyes closed in prayer I can see a street of a city with many people on it. I am aware that these people are walking in their busy lives straight to hell.


Thus says the Lord, these people are headed to hell. They are headed into destruction. My people, called by My Name, locked in various churches of various orders, have not reached out to bring these people to a knowledge of the salvation of God.


But now, today, I am beginning to bring people out, and indeed I have been bringing people out, to bring them into the streets, in the highways and byways, to preach the Word and to reach out and touch these and let them know there is an answer, there is a way of life which they are called to walk unto, and which they are not walking toward, but rather they are walking toward destruction. And I shall bring these people out and they shall be a witness and many shall come to the Lord.


Stand in faith and know that this time may be harrowing when you see the divisions of the church between the righteous and the unrighteous. But it is nevertheless going to bring about a great revival. This revival will come in the unity as the people of the church come into the street and start witnessing like never before, saith the Lord.



2001 04 07.1


For thus saith the Lord, hear the Word of God. Stand fast as a witness to the world wherever you are and wherever you go. Wherever your life is and whatever you are doing be a witness and a light unto the world of the gospel of Christ.


Stand and let the world know that there is truth; and there is truth found in the Word of God, it is real. In spite of the hypocrisy that they may have seen, the Bible is not hypocritical, it is truthful in every aspect.


Be a witness to this to the world and you shall reach the world. For this is My will for every christian. So says the Lord.



2001 04 09.1


This morning I had a dream. The scenes in it were like watching a movie on a big screen. I watched as a man kidnapped a woman. She was deceived to go into this helicopter. Then she was tied up in a chair and was unconscious. She did not realize she was being deceived or that she was being kidnapped.


Someone was then sent to rescue her. I could see him in the helicopter and he just stands there as she regains consciousness. At this point she realizes she was deceived and has been kidnapped. The kidnapper is not aware that she is conscious. She is suddenly loosed from the chair and is now outside the helicopter.


The kidnapper now realizes what has happened and runs after her. I see, at this point, that she still has handcuffs holding her hands behind her. The kidnapper catches up to her, and a man also shows up.


This man pulls a gun and wants to know what is going on. The kidnapper claims he is a police officer and she is his prisoner. She claims she has been kidnapped and that this man should be arrested. Neither one has any type of identification on them.


The man is clearly very wise. He takes them both aside to check on their stories before deciding who is telling the truth.


Then I wake up and the Lord says this:


This is the ways it is with false ministries. One claims to be true and the other false, but the other one claims the reverse; each telling a believable story. Until you investigate carefully the fruits of the ministry, comparing them with scripture, you cannot know which one is true and which one is false. Both carefully walk their walk, one in truth seeking the things of God, and the other carefully cloaking it to look like truth. And they can be very deceptive in the false ministry area.


Be very careful when looking at any ministry. Many of My ministries, saith the Lord, still function in a less than perfect condition. Because they are now being revealed as to what they are to do, many of them are coming out of a religious based system in which they had been carried away with error.


Many others are satanicly based and they have a cloak of goodness upon them; and are

there to deceive.




After this word the Lord showed me what the symbolism in the dream meant.


The woman stood for a ministry of God that was deceived and carried away (in the helicopter) with error. She is unaware (unconscious) of these errors in her work for God. The man who delivers her does so by showing to her heart the error and deception that she is in. She is loosed from this and then runs away from this error. But she is still partly hindered in her thinking because of the binding of the various sects of christianity (the handcuffs).


The man with the gun is someone seeking after truth. The kidnapper is a false ministry sent by satan to deceive. She is a ministry of God that has been deceived and is now coming out of that deception.


The very wise man is the one who carefully investigates each ministry before deciding who is of God (deceived or not), and who is of satan.



2001 04 09.2


For thus says the Lord. Hear the word, understand the word. Carefully research any ministry. Those sent to support one sector or another of some church are being deceived or are deceiving. Those sent to support the Word of God wherever they find it––they are of Me, and I of them.



2001 04 11.1


For thus saith the Lord, hear My word. I am raising up a great and mighty people. A people that will not compromise the Word of God. A people that will not compromise their faith. A people that will not compromise, no not for persecution, not for any reason will they compromise the Word of God.


These people are being raised up throughout the land. And as I raise them up I am strengthening them. Strengthening them in the Holy Power of God. And I am directing them that where they are they stand for the Lord Jesus Christ, for salvation, for the Blood of the Lamb which wipes out sin of all those who will repent. They will stand forth and be counted among the anointed of God. They will witness; they will not be silent. I am raising them up to go forth into the land and proclaim the gospel. Wherever you go you shall find those that I have raised up standing uncompromising with the gospel of Christ, ready, and continually preaching it to an unsaved world.


This is my will. This has always been My will for My people, but so many have gone into their churches and into their homes and been quiet about their worship with Me. They haven’t noised it abroad. They haven’t spoke it forth unto the world. They have been quiet.


But I am raising up a new people. I am taking the old ones and I am purging them of that sin and they shall become a new people. And I shall raise them up. Strong and mighty shall they be. Exploits shall they do for their God. For they are on My side and I am with them throughout all times, saith the Lord, for they are the uncompromising people that shall raise up the last day revival. So says the Lord.



2001 04 11.2


For thus saith the Lord God of heaven. Great is My Name in the earth. Nevertheless, satan shall raise up a great people, and a great number of people, to fight against My people. They shall seek ways to persecute. Even in the nations of Canada and the U.S. they shall seek ways to persecute.


They shall come from within the organized churches, from without the organized churches, from any walk satan can find them. They shall fight against My people.


But satan shall not stand idly by while I raise up a great people seeking to promote the salvation of the Blood of the Lamb throughout the earth. He shall not stand idly by. He shall raise up a great stink, and a great noise, and move many to persecute My people.


But it is this noise that shall get more to notice them––that is, notice My people. And as they notice My people the message shall be sent forth even more so. And because of the persecution many more shall come into the fold of the Lamb of God receiving the salvation of the Blood of the Lamb. So says the Lord.




2001 04 18.1


For thus says the Lord, this word is to all those who receive the commandments of God, without failure, without altering, without doubting, and will proceed forth with the Holy Spirit of God, and will go forth into the land, and preach the gospel to the unsaved.


Stand in this time. Stand and know that no matter what comes in the days ahead your Father is with you in heaven. He has sent His Holy Spirit among us people to direct them and to guide them.


In the days to come, when things get rough, He will guide and lead you throughout all this. He will direct you. He will command you in those days.


Heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit that as christian you have within you. Heed those promptings. He will direct you and guide you in everything, says the Lord.



2001 04 24.1

For thus says the Lord. Here this word of My commandment through many of My prophets. There is coming a time when I will send forth much judgment on this earth.


During this time, anything that you have prepared––which did not come from Me, but from your own design––will fail. All such plans cannot work. They have the design of yourself, and not one of Me.


But those designs and plans which I give to My people––they shall work. They shall be different wherever you go and whoever you see of My people. They will be given at the time I wish them to accomplish what I say, and then, if they are obedient, they shall do the things which I tell them.


This is so that those who will listen and obey the Spirit of God will be protected and blessed during this time. Those who will listen to the spirit of the flesh, the spirit of religion––they shall not be protected at this time.


Hear and know that I have spoken. For what is to come is a judgment on all those who will not obey the Spirit of God. Those who will listen and obey shall be protected on an incredible scale. For whatever comes, I will perform any and all miracles necessary for their protection. So says the Lord God.




2001 04 28.1


For thus says the Lord. Hear and know that the power of God is available to everyone: everyone who believes and everyone who serves. To serve simply means to bow down, repent and believe in the Lord, and to go out giving the good news to whoever will receive it. Those that do so are truly serving Me.


But so many, says the Lord, hide in the church. They go to work, mention nothing of the gospel, come home, sit down, eat their meals, live their life, go to bed, have witnessed to no one. Many of My people are like this. But I did not call them to be so.


I called them to stand up, to be a witness both in word and in deed wherever they go; and to lead those to the Lord who will listen to the Word. That Word is found throughout My Bible, and it is My Bible. Read it. Study it. Know it.


Be forewarned. Many false teachings have gone forth. But as you study the Word you will find out which is false and which is true. For My Word is truth. And what lines up with it, is truth. What does not line up with it, must be false.


Stand for the Word of God, go forth into the world and be a light unto them that need the gospel. So says the Lord.



2001 05 05.1


I am God. I am the One who will, and is now, bring revival to those who have served Me in their heart. Those who have made a pretense of service will not walk, at this time, in this revival. They may walk in it at a later time with repentance.


This is my will: that all those who will willing serve Me walk in all of the revival that is to come. It will be a time of renewal of My people, a time of revival of their souls, a time of renewal of their health, a time of revival for all those around.



2001 05 11.1


For thus says the Lord. I am the One who you shall listen to. You shall listen not to the world or its ways, for they are evil. Listen not to the advice given by many that you must hide away in the rocks and caves when the disasters come.


But rather, stand and know that your God will protect you and guide you in all of this.


Listen not to the word of the world in how to deal with what is to come. For when it comes, you will find that all the preparations that you can come up with will be for nothing. But rather all those preparations that I give shall be a blessing; and beyond this, I shall do much more in the miracles of protection than you could ever imagine. So says the Lord.



2001 05 18.1


For thus says the Lord. Remember how I have told you to prepare for the times to come? While, prepare for the times to come.


Remember, that though there come a time of separation of the sheep who follow Me, and the goats who follow the world, I am with you through all things. You shall see a separation of those in the world, who are also in My church; and those who are of Me in the church.


This separation shall be with considerable spiritual violence. They shall call you names––those who will dare to stand up and believe all that God has said in the Word. They will call you evil for My Names sake. They will stand against you in all ways.


But continue to stand and follow the Word of the Lord and you will be brought to a place where you will proclaim the gospel throughout the world.



2001 05 23.1


About a year ago the Lord instructed me to get ready for a time when there would be no power or natural gas [see #2000 05 20.1]. He did not say when this would be, but did tell me that I had about a year to do this. The only instruction at that time was to build shelving in my basement for storage. This was done within a couple of months.


Now, a year later, the Lord has told me to install a wood stove in the house and a fire pit in the back yard. The wood stove will be done in about 6 weeks––the man is very busy at the moment.


As far as I know this is the last in the preparation that God referred to a year ago.



2001 06 02.1


Thus says the lord. I hear My people. I hear when they are praying and crying out to Me because of the sin of the nation around them.


I shall purge the sin out, but My people, called by My Name, must repent and turn from the fleshly ways and remember that God’s Word, My Word, must be followed. When they turn away from this Word they are in error.


If they will come back to Me, I will reward them with a closeness that is unparalleled in their experience.



2001 06 09.1


There is coming a day when I, saith the Lord, when I shall come down hard on the false ministries that have perverted the gospel and have raised up a false standard claiming to be of Me when they are not.


There is coming a day that I shall crush such ministries. It shall shake many christians to see who will crash and who will not. It shall shake many. For you see there are many deceptive spirits out there coming from the pit of hell that are behind many ministries, that have infiltrated many ministries, and have perverted the Word of the Lord.


Coming now, very soon, you will see the judgment of God on such work. So says the Lord!



2001 06 17.1


For as I raise up My church, My true one church, says the Lord, united in love, united in Spirit, united in action, united in obedience to the Spirit of God––for as I raise up this church, which I am doing in this day, there shall come a great revival, there shall come a great revival.


For the fractured church of Jesus Christ, which seeks its own divisions cannot bring revival. But a church that is not named by man, but is simply The Church, it can bring revival, and a great revival it shall bring. Throughout the land wherever you are this revival shall come.


But until I burn out divisions, bring unity, and a humble obedience to the Spirit of God, the church cannot lead this revival. For the church itself is in need of reviving. And when I revive it, it shall go forth and a great return to the Lord Jesus Christ shall come. But it will take judgment, chastening, burning sin out, to get the church back where it ought to be. This is occurring now, and shall be occurring for some months and yes, even years.



2001 06 29.1


Listen, says the Lord. There is coming a time when I warn My people and warn those in the world of what is to come.


Today you have had a great warning. This warning came in the form of wrath. The wrath of God came down and held rain for a long time in western Canada; and much of the areas had sparse moisture to the point where they begged for rain––and then I gave it.


This was a warning! Times will come, if they do not repent, that the drought shall be severe and shall be strong upon the land. So says the Lord.


[Many areas were reported to be within a week of farmer’s losing their crops for this year because of the lack of snow last winter and the lack of rain in the early summer. We have had significant rain since then.]



2001 07 02.1


Thus says the Lord, remember My Word, remember My might. Those who follow My Word, humbly submit to the things of the Lord––they are Mine and they shall be



Those who get ahead in this world––scrounging and getting ahead, doing anything they have to, to gain popularity, to gain power, to gain money––they shall get ahead in this world for a time, but I shall bring them down. And they are not part of My Kingdom, nor shall they ever be part of My Kingdom unless they seriously get on their knees and repent for their sins.


Remember, those who get ahead in this life may look like they are ahead. But this life is temporal. There is a time it shall end, and they shall not be ahead then!


Don’t look at the position people have in this world. Look not at the things that you see with your eye. But stand in the Spirit with the things of the Lord and be ahead for eternity! So says the Lord.



2001 07 02.2


Thus saith the Lord, the world and all that is in it shall die and be destroyed, and a new world be created. Why do My people then, with this knowledge, desire to build up great things in this earth. They know that it is temporal. They know it shall not last. And yet they follow the things of the world, the sins of the world, and the ways of the world; and try and build up a lasting commitment and design in this earth. Build your treasure in the things of Heaven, things which shall last and shall be around for an eternity.


Do not build your treasure on this earth. For while it is nice to have great things on this earth, they are but for a short time. And when you get to Heaven and look back you will see how stupid it was to raise up things of this earth, for they are for such a very short time.


But to build things that shall last forever, that is what counts! That you do in your heart. That you do with your commitment to the Lord. That you do with your service to Jesus. So says the Lord!



2001 07 03.1


Edmonton [Edmonton, Alberta, Canada] shall be judged by storms. For I shall send strong storms its way. For its sin has come up before Me: rebelling against God, rebelling against the God of the universe, rebelling against the God of the Bible, rebelling continuously. So it shall pay. Its due judgment shall come upon it. So says the Lord!



2001 07 03.2


I am going throughout My people, says the Lord, and I am burning out everything that is not of Me. For what is of Me in their lives shall remain; and what is not of Me shall be burned. Understand this, says the Lord. I am seeking to burn out sin from My people that they have so cleverly hidden in their lives.


And while this may hurt, and while it shall not be pleasant, the results shall be very pleasant. For after I have purged them of this they shall become strong in the Spirit, strong with their God, and ready to face what is to come with strength and power of the Lord. Rather than walking in their own power they shall walk in God’s power!


And great shall be My people. And strong shall be My people throughout all the land, says the Lord.



2001 07 24.1


[Note to non-Canadians: Stockwell Day is a born again christian and the present leader of the Canadian Alliance political party. Since his taking the leadership of this party last year there has been a steady stream of high profile party members calling for his resignation. It has split the caucus and is threatening to split the party. See prophecy 2000 07 09.1]


For thus saith the Lord. Stockwell Day was never My choice for a leader. He himself chose to go his own route. And he himself chose to rebel against My will.


This is a warning to My people. This is a warning to all those who hear. My people called by My Name, who call themselves to leadership without My Spirit behind them set themselves for a fall. For it is only with My anointing that they can go forth and be any kind of political leader in this day and age.


Hear Me well, saith the Lord, hear Me well. If I call you, you will know it: whether I call you unto the ministry, or whether I call you into something else. If I call you, you will know it.


Many have called themselves from their own pride and from their own desires. Many have called themselves and they have fallen, and will fall, because My Spirit is not with them.


Heed the Spirit of the Living God. Heed the Spirit of the Living God. If I call you, go forth, for My Spirit will be with you in strength and in power. But if you call yourself in pride and from your own desires My Spirit shall not be with you. So says the Lord. So says the Lord.



2001 08 12.1


For thus says the Lord. I am that I am. The Lord is in control of all things. Therefore get into the word of God and realize that he who does not spend time in prayer and fasting shall not be prepared for the onslaught of the devil.


Those who spend time in preparation of prayer and fasting shall walk forward in power and strength of the Holy Spirit.


2001 08 26.1


Hear this word, says the Lord.


Note the times at hand. You are not entering into the great judgments of the end days. But rather you are standing at the door of those judgments. A few of “other judgments” have come in terms of weather, in terms of a few things I have done, saith the Lord.


But I am going to open up a great time of judgment on this earth for its sins. That time is here now. The first major thing you will see is the crash of the economy (the worldwide crash that will reverberate through every nation in the earth). That is the first thing I will do that is of a major type of judgment.


But there are coming many more things. Stand fast in the Word of God. Stand fast in the ways of God, for He shall guide, lead, and bless His people through this. But those of the earth, who seek the things of the earth, they will fall hard because My hand will be against them. If they will repent, I will turn and bless them.


But those of My people, who have called themselves My people, who have tried to love money, who have tried to hang on to the things of this earth, who have tried to bless themselves with the things of this earth: they will fall, and they will fall harder than others, for they have loved the things of the earth when they knew to love the things of God. So says the Lord.



2001 08 27.1


For the Lord wishes His people to have and to hold all things that they need in this earth to live and to serve the kingdom of heaven. But He does not wish His people, who are called by His Name, to turn and seek the money, and the love of it, in this time on this earth.


There are those who will seek the money and think that they have all of the blessings of God, but they have not one. For they have sought the things of the earth and not the things of God.


When you seek the Lord first and give Him your all, then and only then can He open up the floodgates of heaven and turn on the blessings from above. These will be needed in the days ahead as the judgments flow and those of the earth turn inward to themselves and cry a great cry for all of the happenings that will be around them, upon them, and in them.



2001 09 13.1


After getting over the initial shock on Tuesday I had begun to question the Lord about the terrorist attack on the USA. To my knowledge no prophet, including me, had prophesied about this specific event. I wanted to know how this fits into the prophetic picture.


Early on the morning of September 13, about 2:00 a.m., God woke me out of my sleep and began to reveal to me a link between an event and prophecy that occurred years ago. During this revelation in my spirit I had this feeling of dread on me. I believe this was the dread referred to in the prophecy. The revelation in my spirit went on for over an hour as God continually emphasized the facts over and over.


I had forgotten about this particular prophecy until the Lord reminded me of it that night. Below is the prophecy that God referred too.



1999 01 09.1


The great dread against the United States came in December of 1998 when they invaded Iraqi airspace to bomb Iraqi targets. That dread upon the United States shall not leave until the United States has suffered a severe blow––more than once, says the Lord.


The Lord revealed to me in this time that if the USA had not attacked Iraq in December of 1998 this event would not have taken place. It was mainly that attack that the terrorist’s used to justify their actions. The Lord made it clear to me that He was not saying that Iraq was behind this; nor was the Lord saying that they were not. He was not revealing to me who was behind it, but that the attack by the US spurred on the terrorists to take the action that they did.


The Lord showed me that the US attack on that day (in Dec. 1998) set in motion a series of events of which this is the first major occurrence. Many other occurrences will occur, and all of this will lead to extreme trouble for the United States of America.



2001 09 15.1


At this time in the United States of America there is great wrath and great fear. In the days to come and the years to follow, the terrorists will make a number of successful strikes against the United States––some of them devastating.


But My call to My people is not to fear this. My call to My people is to send out the message: repent for the time of judgment is at hand. As in all judgments, saith the Lord, I will stay it, I will hold it back, it is not My will to bring forth judgment, it is My will to bring forth repentance. For it is repentance that is needed in the land.


And if repentance truly came in a significant way I would raise My protection again and protect these United States against all harm. But until it comes, I will not protect it, saith the Lord. For it has departed from Me. It used My Name and proclaims God loudly, but it does not serve Me, it serves mammon, it serves the love of money, and it serves the love of itself. It has raised itself up in pride and said it has protected itself and become a great nation.


No statement worse than this could be made about the United States. For I have raised it up, and I have protected it, and I, saith the Lord, have made it a great nation. Don’t give glory to yourself in work that I have done, says the Lord.


Repent, turn from the love of money, turn from the love of self, turn truly back to the Bible days in the first century church that I showed you in both the gospels and the book of Acts––return to these days and I will stay My hand of judgment against the US. So says the Lord God of heaven and earth.



2001 09 16.1


Early in the morning––for a very short time, about 1 or 2 seconds––while I was in prayer with my eyes closed, I suddenly could see a high rise building with fire coming out of the top. I could not tell from my angle whether it was two towers one behind the other or one longer building, as I was looking at it from the end view. Also, I could not tell if this was the top, as it appeared to be, because the smoke covered the area above the fire––the building could have been much higher. It was definitely not the Trade Center in New York.


Then this word from the Lord: Now thus saith the Lord, there is more to come. Many times. It will take time. It will not happen all at once. The United States will be attacked over and over.


A few minutes later the Lord began to emphasis to me in my heart that these things will only happen if there is no repentance. Then this word from the Lord: If the United States does not turn as a nation from its wicked ways and back to God, this will happen.



2001 10 08.1


For this word of the Lord is to give understanding to My ways.


I have pleaded with My people in America. They have sought Me in superficial ways. They have not turned away from the sins of the nation. They have continued with the murder of the unborn. They have continued with the immorality of adultery. They have continued with the creation of pornography. They have continued with the flowing of alcohol and drugs. They have continued to be in love with money.


So therefore, I am going to continue with My judgments. I am pleading with them to repent and turn from their sin. And so, when they do so, I will turn from My judgments, says the Lord God of all.



2001 10 17.1


Oh, America, America, why have you forsaken Me, says the Lord? Why have you forsaken Me? For you have sought the very evil which has downed nation after nation, kingdom after kingdom, time after time, from the beginning of sin until now.


Search the Bible. Read it. Carefully examine it. Do you not understand? When a nation goes into sin and rebels against the God of heaven there comes a time of judgment. You cannot get away from it. You cannot escape it, except that you repent and that the people turn from their sin and stop it.


Do you not realize the parallel? Do you not understand the ways of God?


Less that 6 thousand people died when the towers came down, and you call that evil. But 40 million children have died because of what you call freedom. And yet you do not stop this. Yet you allow it to continue. Do you not understand when you say, “I repent, I am so sorry, God please forgive me, God bless this nation,” and you continue in sin you are the worst of all hypocrites? Do you not understand this is evil? Do you not understand America has not repented? It has only used God’s Name excessively, yet it has meant none of it.


When they turn from their sin they are repenting! When America turns from its sin I will say, “Stop!” and the judgment shall stop. But until it does there shall be judgment! If you think that this is judgment, you have yet to see judgment in any serious manifestation.


Many years from now you will say, “Yes, judgment has come.” And yet, even more will come except that the nation repent! For that is the only way it can escape. I will turn up the wrath of God. For My wrath, saith the Lord, will be strong! And it will not turn aside except there be repentance.


From the heart turn from your sin and I will stop it, saith the Lord. But, oh those who seek to pervert the so-called freedom by turning it to sin after sin, I say unto you: you will suffer severely both now and in the judgment day because you have perverted what I gave America.


I gave it freedom to serve Me, saith the Lord. Freedom to reach the world with the gospel. And yet that is not what it has done. It has chosen freedom to sin, freedom to rebel, freedom to take God’s Name out, freedom to put other religions in, freedom to worship money, freedom to serve self. IT HAS NOT COMMITTED FREEDOM TO SERVE THE LORD!!


Therefore, they have reaped what they have sown. And they will continue to do so. So says the Lord God!



2001 11 04.1


For thus saith the Lord. There is a time coming when persecution shall rise greatly against My people. It shall rise at the same rate that the fight against crime shall rise and the fight against terrorism.


When this time comes stand fast in My Word. Do not deny Me. For they will equate terrorism and crime with those fanatics who believe that God speaks to them, prophesies; and for those who listen to the prophets they shall be equated with the prophets, and shall be persecuted along with them.


Do not stand in fear. For throughout this time I will be with you, and I will protect you, and I will lead you, and I will guide you. These days are not far off. The times of easy living are over for My people. Now you need to stand up for My Word, you need to stand up for your God, and you need to stand in the midst of a world against you. So says the Lord.




2001 11 04.2


For thus saith the Lord. The oil industry will become a target of the terrorists. In days to come they will make major places a target for them to hit.


Terrorism in Canada and in the United States will not go away until after I have brought about the Russian-Chinese invasion. And when this occurs there will be much greater problems on this continent. For thus saith the Lord. Under no conditions will I allow Canada and the U.S. to be a relaxed and safe nation again until it completely and totally repents of its sinful ways and its rebellion against God.


Thus saith the Lord. This will come to pass, although many will say this cannot be, yet you shall see it in the very near future. For thus saith the Lord, nothing, but nothing that I say can fail except the people repent and I will turn from My judgment and begin to bless the nation again. So says the Lord God.



2001 11 04.3


In Dec. of ‘98 when I gave you that prophecy concerning the fact that the United States entered Iraq without My blessing, I stated there will be repercussions that would eventually lead to a great war. [Several prophecies in Dec. ‘98 and two later that refer to Dec. ‘98 give what the Lord noted to above: 1998 12 17.1; 1998 12 23.1; 1998 12 23.3; 1998 12 24.1; 1999 01 08.1; 1999 01 09.1; these prophecies are available on my web page]


They have now, again, followed those repercussions to the place where they cannot escape save I intervene to allow them to escape. This would only happen upon their repentance. The nation has not repented and so it shall go forth.


They shall fight in Afghanistan. And they shall have a difficult time. And every time that they think they have made progress they will find a huge price for that progress. Terrorism will not stop. I will allow it to continue, says the Lord. Every step they make will cost them dearly. And if they do not step, it will cost them dearly anyway. For terrorism will still move forward.


They have stepped into a sin in which repentance is the only way out, and things will get steadily worse. My hand will see that it happens. Save that they repent, they are in serious trouble and heading for worse. So says the Lord.




2001 11 04.4


There will be many more attacks on the United States, some from above, some from the ground; but they shall continue, says the Lord.



2001 12 06.1


This word of the Lord comes as a result of the nation of America and its attempts to get back with Me.


For they have used My Name, says the Lord, but their heart is not toward Me.


They have gone to church, but they love their money.


They have sought everything but truth.


The nation of America wallows in sin. The nation of America seeks its own way. The nation of America continues its evil: for it murders the unborn child, it loves money, it loves its power, and it gives the credit for all its power to themselves.


Where did I come from, saith the Lord? Did not I raise the nation? Did not I raise it up? For they have loved their love and their love was the love of the earth, the love of satan, the love of evil. They have sought the sins of the earth and I will judge them.


This is not a time to sit back and say the terrorists have gone. This is the time to stand up for the terrorists are here, standing at the door!!


Stand and beware America shall be judged. Had they repented, truly I would turn and deliver them. But less than one in a thousand of those who use the name christian are truly serving Me, saith the Lord, less than one in a thousand.


So many play religious games. So many call themselves christian. So many seek to play a game. But I look on the heart, saith the Lord. I look to see whom they are dedicated too: to the god of this earth which is satan, or to the God of heaven which is Me.


Listen, saith the Lord, I will bring America to its knees. It will take several years, but it will happen; save they repent and turn I will bring it to its knees.


America has sought evil. America has sought evil over and over and over. They produce more sin than any other nation. They have not only murdered the unborn child, they have taken My Name out of schools, they don’t give Me the credit for raising them up, they are slowly turning away from My nation Israel, and they are producing pornography at an incredible rate––and they call themselves a Christian nation. THERE IS NOTHING CHRISTIAN ABOUT IT!! They are evil through and through! And I will deal with them as I have always dealt with nations of evil! So says the Lord!



2001 12 21.1


As I was dozing off early in the morning I had a short dream. In the dream I was swinging a sledge hammer. I swung it very hard, and suddenly without any warning, the head of the sledge hammer came off slammed down on the ground with a very loud thud. I literally jumped awake at this. My body jerked up and I was fully awake. I could feel fear from this dream.


Then the word of the Lord said this is how quick it will come, this is how fast and how sudden it will occur when the terrorists strike again.



2002 01 11.1


Thus saith the Lord, Osama bin Laden has already put forth the command to attack the U.S. He has directed his people in the general outline of attacks that he wishes. They are now preparing to carry them out. So says the Lord.



2002 01 23.1


Now thus says the Lord, Canada in this year of 2002 shall be visited by God for judgment, for its sins have come up before the Lord. It shall be visited by storm, its shall be visited by fear, and it shall be visited by violence. For these judgments shall come upon it in this year in a severe way. I will bring it to pass, says the Lord, I will bring it to pass.



2002 01 27.1


This morning shortly after waking up, I was in prayer. During that prayer I began to doze off a bit and experienced the following.


I could see a man walking toward me. This man was bin Laden. As he walked I noticed he had something special above his head. It was a round item lightly larger than his head––something like a lamp shade with many colours intermingled––and it hovered just above his head as he walked.


As I watched the scene changed. His head was bare, his hair shaved off, and the item above his head was gone. I also noticed his beard had disappeared. He then fell down on the ground and appeared to be dead or greatly wounded.


Suddenly he rose up. But now the man was no longer looking like bin Laden. This was a different man. He had a beard and was dressed like bin Laden had been––the way you see him on television. The item above his head which made of many colours had come back.


This man had a long knife––almost like a short sword––in his hand. He held this knife like he was going to use it to stab someone. He then went forward to attack. This was the end of the scene before me.


After this the Lord showed me something else. This multi-coloured item that was first above the head of bin Laden, and then above the head of the new man represented the position of leadership in al-Qaeda and other organizations of which the new man had power over. This was a new leader and the organization was again operational.


Then this word from the Lord. Thus saith the Lord, this man is not bin Laden but a leader which will lead a new rebel group against America, Europe, and others. So says the Lord.



2002 01 27.2


Now this is the word of the Lord to all nations that are thinking of opposing My Israel. While Israel has been in sin and while this nation needs to be judged, do not oppose My nation Israel. Those that do so will be judged by the Holy One of God.



2002 02 16.1


As fear descends on American’s, and also the rest of the world, listen not to the voice of your flesh, nor to the voice of the world and the spirit of the world. For listen to the voice of God. Protection shall be with you if you are mine, says the Lord.



2002 02 17.1


For thus says the Lord God. Never before in the history of the American’s has there been a time like this. They stand at the forefront of the time of the greatest crash of a nation that this earth has ever seen. It will take some years to fulfill, but it shall take place. Coming up is a time that in one day many shall die and many shall see a terrible destruction that will come on America.


This is not a time to run and hide. It is a time to stand up and tell your neighbours that there is coming a time of great destruction. Stand and be known to the world that you are a christian that will tell the truth no matter how bad it may seem. For the truth shall set you free.


All of My people shall be protected during this time. But those who are not leading a life with the Lord Jesus as their leader shall not be protected and shall be judged. For the sins of the nation of America have come up before me and they shall be judged. So says the Lord!



2002 03 16.1


For thus says the Lord, this is the land of plenty that I have given: as Joseph when he served in Egypt, hand in hand with Pharaoh, during 7 years of good and 7 of bad. What I tell you, now is the time of plenty. These days are the days of plenty.


Coming are the days when there shall not be plenty. For the great economic crash, of which many do not believe, is arriving at the door. And when it has fully come many will still deny, saying, “it will return to normal, we will build back up.” But every time they try they will fail. For My hand shall be upon it.


The love of money has risen up unto Me, and I am destroying it, saith the Lord, I am destroying it. So shall it be.



2002 03 27.1


When this nation of America fully comes to its knees My hand of oppression shall lift. Either it will comes to its knees in repentance, or I shall bring it to its knees in wrath and judgment. So says the Lord.



2002 04 13.1


There are three kinds of ministers that are serving Me:


1. Those that delve deeply into the things of God.

2. Those that delve deeply into the things of God and follow Him.

3. Those that delve deeply into the things of God and build their own

name and ministry.


Only the second type is doing the will of God properly. Those that delve deeply in prayer and fasting and follow with the work will be blessed by the Lord God in this time of trial to come. Those that fit into 1 or 3 do not receive the blessings like unto the second kind.



2002 04 14.1


While in prayer this morning the Lord reminded me of a vision which He gave me about 2 years ago concerning the economic crash. It contained a lengthy interpretation afterward explaining the various meanings of each part of the vision. He then gave me some further interpretation of this vision. You will have to reread it for the following to make sense. Refer to prophecy # 2000 05 03.1; which is also quoted below:



2000 05 03.1


As I was waking up this morning––still partly asleep, and with my eyes still closed––I could see myself sitting in my little red car and driving down a road. I seemed to be distracted to my left and looking off into a field as I was driving. In front of me there was an average sized black car driving the same speed as me.


All of a sudden, and without any warning this car in front of me stops. It just stops dead, right in the driving lane! I realize that I cannot stop in time and will hit him if I don’t do something quickly. Without thinking I do not even touch the brakes, but swerve to the right side and continue driving on the edge of the road. There is just enough room for my small car to make it.


At this point I open my eyes and the vision stops. Then God speaks this word to me: In the coming economic crash there’ll be just enough room for those very economically minded people to make it through. They can survive this time of economic crash. No one else can really survive for any length of time.


I thought that this was the end, but as I closed my eyes again it continued. I continued to drive down the shoulder of the road. In the driving lane to my left there is now a long line-up of average sized black cars. They are stopped dead and bumper to bumper. So close are they to one another that I think they may be touching each other, but I am not sure if they were or not.


I notice that there are other cars like me driving down the shoulder. Both my car and the other cars are marked “paid.” I had the impression in my spirit that we are alright, we can just make it.


I then see in the ditch to the right of us, people who have been driving large black cars. These people could not stop in time to keep from hitting those who stopped in front of them, and like me they swerved onto the right shoulder. But they did not have enough room there, and were forced into the ditch.


I notice that there are very few like me, who are driving small cars on the side of the road––very few, not many at all!


As I come up to a railway crossing I, and the few others, hit the brakes. Just over this small hill with the railway crossing on top is a blockade. This blockade was across the shoulder of the road where I was driving. There is still a line-up of cars in the driving lane as far as I could see. There is no more going down this road, the side is blocked completely!






As I look down the road, I am now above my car and the road and can see the side of the road caving in ahead of us. The bank of the road is just caving in more and more, and eroding without any noticeable reason. The bank erodes in an angle in the direction we were travelling toward the cars stopped in the driving lane. It gets close to them and then stops in a straight line out to the normal edge of the road. The road seem better for a while and then this pattern of erosion is repeated. Also, the first erosion toward the line of cars stops just into a gravel road going off to the right. Most of this road is unaffected by the erosion as far as I can see. But I can only see a few feet of the beginning of it.


I sense that something else of importance is ahead but I can’t see what it is yet. At this point I open my eyes again and the vision stops. When I close them, it continues.


As I move above the road, looking ahead to see what is important, I come to a real problem. Now I can see what I could sense before. There is a ditch across the road like it was eroded or deliberately dug. It goes all the way across. There is no going any further. This is where the black cars in the driving lane have first stopped. The road does continue further, but there is no way to cross, and no cars after this ditch. I look ahead as far as I can see, but I cannot see where the road goes––it is somehow blocked from view. But I can tell there was once a road in use there.


Then this word from the Lord:


Now thus says the Lord. This is the economic road. Those driving large vehicles will get stopped first. The large economic path that they think is so clear and so easy and so blessed and so full of money––they have put themselves into debt.


The cars represent the blackness of the love of money. And they are the black cars. Those people who are driving the largest and spent the most debt to get where they are––they will be in the ditch first, they will be in the ditch very soon from the economic crash.


Those people driving medium cars will try to stay where they are, stopped dead in the road, and continue no farther. But they themselves are in danger of economic crash. Only those people who have been very careful to pay things off can continue down this economic road for a short time. Once they get to this ditch across the road––there is no going farther!


At this point the economy of the United States, America, Canada, and much of the rest of the world, much of the rest of the world, will collapse. At this time it will collapse because of not an economic problems, but of an invasion of the United States of America.




Later in the day the Lord gave me some more information about the meaning of the vision. The car I am driving is red. The car ahead of me on the side of the road was white. This represents the Blood of Jesus which washes white.


Also the suddenness of the stop is important.




The evening after this vision God gave me some more interpretation. The road was flat except for the hill where the railway crossing was. He said that this hill was put there by Him so that people could not see the blockade ahead. The railway crossing is to make the hill appear natural on an otherwise flat road.


The gravel road represents economic rebellion against paying of debt and taxes to governments. I cannot see how people could get to this road from the side where I was driving and did not see anyone attempting to get on it.


The Lord also revealed that although the vision stopped without any erosion touching those black cars in the driving lane, it would do so later to some of them. The erosion would aim at individuals and groups. Then they would fall into the ditch like the other larger black cars.


--End of quoted vision--


The blockade is put there by God to stop His people, who are truly serving Him, from continuing down the road into the eroded area.


It is important when the crash occurs that finances be paid off and one not continue down the road––but to stop your financial spending. Driving down the shoulder represents trying to continue your regular life, but without debt. This is folly! One must stop or be stopped by God at the blockade!


The Gravel Road


As erosion continues toward those black cars in the driving lane many of them will try and turn onto this gravel road.


Those who are living the “high life” in much debt will try and turn onto this road which represents the continuation of their own economy by not paying taxes or debts. As they continue on this gravel road they will go even further into more direct forms of theft to support their way of life. Eventually those that continue a long way down this road will become violent.


Not all will continue all the way down the gravel road––some will travel various distances and then decide to go no further on it.



2002 04 28.1


Thus says the Lord, My hands are tied concerning judgment. For if the people will not repent, and the sins are so many that they have come up before Me for judgment: then judgment shall occur! There is only the repentance of the people which can stop it. But Americans have not turned away from the sins which they have been so filled with. Therefore I am going to rain judgment upon them.


Now you will see some judgment, and then more. And some of it will be very severe; and some of it will be very hard to withstand. Yet it shall come stronger and stronger until the day I bring war on American soil. At that time and in that day America shall fall a great fall––down to third world nation level––and I shall have judged that nation.


Unless it repents all these things must occur. So says the Lord.



2002 04 28.2


For thus says the Lord, hear Me and know the time is short. The United States shall be hit severely––yet not immediately––but it shall come soon. A little while and the United States shall suffer a severe blow.


No, I will not bring a war on it yet, that is, not a war with a nation, but it will come from terrorism, from natural disasters, and other things I will bring against it.


I plead with America to repent. I plead with her to turn from her sins, to turn back to the God she once served. For if she would turn back to Me with a full heart I will end all judgment and bring blessing upon her. For this is My will, says the Lord.



2002 05 06.1


Things I will bring to pass:


1. This will of God to bring America to its knees: America will be continually brought down by increasingly severe judgments of earthquake, power of enemy, weather, and other judgments of God.


2. America’s only way out is to have a majority of the nation fall to their knees to bring themselves to a place where they will turn and truly serve the Lord!


3. The church has completely failed the nation of America. They have turned their back to God’s ways and become as sinful as the world. For I find that they have openly committed fornication, that is, sex outside of marriage, without shame; they have committed adultery in that they have openly divorced and remarried as the world; they have done nothing about the sins within the church except promote and defend it––even the pastor’s have been guilty.


4. Even Canada will now be judged by the side of America for they have gone much further than the U.S. They have promoted homosexuality in the government. The churches have ceased to stand against this; with some of the so-called churches supporting it.


5. There is to come much wrath of God on these two nations; but there must come a forgiving Spirit of God. For those who will fall on their knees I will forgive and even turn to bless them––even at the last minute during My wrath.



2002 05 06.2

When you see great wrath coming on the United States know that I am bringing down the economy.



2002 05 06.3


My people called by My Name shall humble themselves and not seek their own call, but obey as I direct them. Those who seek to make themselves great shall be destroyed. For many that are last shall be first, and those that are last are My true humble ones.



2002 05 06.4

Those that stand against My nation Israel shall be judged––both nations and individuals.



2002 06 21.1


This morning as I woke up and began to spend a short time in prayer before the Lord, He showed me the following in my spirit. It only lasted a brief second or two. I could see smoke rising from what appeared to be a city centre. I could see heavy smoke coming from some of the high-rises as well as from below––possibly from the streets. I could not see the skyline or identify the city due to the obstruction by the smoke. There was no indication of when or where this would occur.



2002 06 22.1


The drought in Western Canada shall continue.


[The area through central Alberta and Saskatchewan has been experiencing a severe drought this year, as well as past years.]



2002 06 22.2


In the United States, says the Lord, I have directed terrorism to continue; and will direct it to continue. I will put My hand to them, and support them, and guide them to success, says the Lord. For the judgments of God are against America because of its sins which have come up before Me. Do not doubt––when I allow it, and when I direct it––there will be an attack against the U.S. again. This must be unless they repent. So says the Lord.



2002 06 24.1

Calgary [Calgary, Alberta, Canada] shall be judged by storms: storms of wind and storms of rain. They shall be severe in order to bring those who will listen to the ways of God to repentance.



2002 06 24.2


There shall be some of My people who will turn away after the false doctrines of the world. They shall seek money, they shall seek the pride of leadership, and they shall seek the monetary ways of the world by leading their followers to give, give, give. From the lusts of these leader’s hearts they shall beg money in order to build their ministries with their name.



2002 07 21.1


Thus says the Lord. There are many ministries which preach money, money, money. They preach how to be rich. They preach how to make Me, says the Lord, bless them and make them rich. But I say, blessed are the poor in spirit.


These people who are in love with money, and preach the love of money, I say to them: you shall fall. When the crash, which has begun, has fully finished I will bring you down and destroy your ministries. For such deceit I will not have in My Body. The love of money is a root of all evil, and therefore, I must destroy it within My Body.


For the church must walk righteously before Me and I must burn out all sin which is found therein, and bring it to a place of purity, and to a place of holiness, and to a place of true repentance and obedience to the Spirit of God. So says the Lord God.



2002 07 21.2


For thus says the Lord, I am the God that controls all things. Therefore do not be in fear of what you see within the stock markets of the United States. They will suffer a series of setbacks in their reach to be a world power in the years to come. They will fall as a world power as I have stated through many prophets. They shall not regain that position again. Without repentance they cannot escape this prophecy.



2002 08 11.1

As I was in prayer this afternoon the Lord showed me the following: I could see a chart with one line on it. It went up and down in a jerky fashion. Suddenly it dropped off so low that it was almost off the bottom. Then it continued its jerky up and down motion, but it was now doing so very near the bottom of the chart.


Then the Lord said: this is the stock market. You will soon see the sudden drop off to the bottom. Many will not believe that it cannot rise again––but each attempt to resurrect their money god will result in failure.



2002 08 11.2


The year 2003 is marked for great destruction in America. Only repentance can save it.



2002 08 18.1


As I was praying the Lord showed me the following in my spirit. I could see President Bush from his left side sitting at a desk or table. He was saying, “We must get Saddam Hussein, we must get Saddam Hussein.” (He said it twice).


As I watched he signed some type of paper. But he signed it with his left hand from the right to the left––just as the Arabic language is written. He signed this twice. I could not tell if he was signing two papers one above the other, or twice on the same page.


Then the Lord gave me this word. Thus says the Lord, these two statements by Bush, plus the two signatures, indicate each two agreements with Arabic nations. These two agreements are compromises by Bush in order to get permission to go into Iraq.


When he signs them, says the Lord, this will create ruffled feathers both in America and in Arabic areas as they find out what is agreed too; which will not be done until some time later.



2002 08 24.1


The first agreement [see 2002 08 18.1] the American President will make with the Arabic nations is to strongly support a Palestine state in the West Bank.


The second agreement will be their right to the capital of Jerusalem.


The U.S. President will then backtrack on these two agreements creating trouble on both sides––first to the right wing American politics, and then to the Arabic states.



2002 08 24.2


In the coming days I will, says the Lord, make unto the church a Spirit of power. This Spirit is My Spirit, says the Lord, and I will place it within any church that will humble themselves and obey my voice.



2002 08 25.1


Thus says the Lord. I will allow another terrorist attack on New York. This attack will create fear throughout the city.



2002 08 31.1


As the days draw nigh unto the end I will strengthen My people to be strong in the Spirit. For the days are here now that they must draw nigh unto Me.


The days are here that are troublesome and full of disasters.


Now hear this, says God of all. I have placed within My people protection and courage to follow their God and to serve their God in all of the persecution that shall soon occur. Now that you have entered into these last days, strengthen yourself in the fasting and prayer, for this is the only way to become strong for the Lord.



2002 08 31.2


The Lord says: George Bush shall not leave his office before the end of his second term, but rather shall be killed before that time.



2002 08 31.3


There shall come a time of great division within many churches. Several shall say, “go not after the world,” and the whole church that they are a part of shall persecute them. So shall it be in many, many, many churches. They shall persecute until My people leave the churches that they have called home.


Then, and only then, shall I raise up a people who will not compromise. These that come out from persecutions shall be My choicest of servants. They shall know the Lord and I shall lead them.


From them shall many new uncompromising churches rise and be lifted up for the world to see––a church undivided, sold out to the Lord.


Now learn to stand for the things of the Lord, not compromising the Word; and willing

to walk in the persecution to come.



2002 09 2.1


Thus says the Lord. Red Deer [Red Deer, Alberta, Canada] is going to suffer severe storm damage. This will include tornadoes as well as other severe storms.


It is My will that this city will come under judgment until there is a substantial repentance.



2002 09 2.2


The city of Calgary [Calgary, Alberta, Canada] is to be judged by the crash of the economy. They have built this city on the love of money; therefore, they shall be brought down with the crash.




2002 09 24.1


Thus says the Lord. Watch and wait for the wrath of God is about to fall on America. Stay fast on Me, says the Lord. Watch and wait for My deliverance; but not the world’s!


There is coming a time when My people will only be able to walk with Me by My power. There will be such disaster and persecutions that they can only be saved by daily walking with the Lord. Any turn to the world, to depend on it for their needs, will result in much trouble. For I am the Lord and they must depend on Me.


Listen and learn. When you see the next judgment on the U.S., both Canada and the United States will be in fear for their future. For they will turn to evil more and more; therefore, I will judge them more and more.



2002 09 24.2


So listen to the words of the Lord.


Spend time in the Word of God. Those who spend time in the things of the world will be influenced by it. Those who spend time in fasting and prayer will be guided by the Lord.


Spend time, therefore, before the Lord and His righteousness will be with you forever.



2002 09 24.3


Thus says the Lord. Remember that I have said, I am returned the church to the days of old.


It is high time that they that are called by My Name return in a complete way to the ways of God as outlined in scripture.


Therefore, study the Word of the Lord. Examine yourself to see how you measure up to that Word, because many have called on the Name of the Lord that were religious by the world’s standard, but not by My standard.



2002 09 27.1


For thus says the Lord. Begin to look now for the fulfilment of the further prophecies of judgment of America. Begin to look and see them happening.


For they have not turned to repentance, but they have stayed the course toward their downfall with their sins.



2002 09 28.1


In the days of old the watchman stood on the tower and reported trouble coming to prepare the city.


Today I am sending many of My prophets into the world with warnings of what is too come––and who pays attention? They all with one accord turn their heads and do not want to be made aware––with only a few exceptions.


Now listen to the word. The time draws nigh. Soon America will shake with judgment and many will say, “Where is God? Why did He not stop it? If it is judgment, why were we not warned so we could repent?” These things shall they say.



2002 09 28.2

When the crash comes I will bury Canada in debt. It thinks it is doing good economically, however, I shall soon turn this nation’s economy around. So says the Lord.



2002 09 30.1


I am willing, says the Lord, to relent of all My judgments on America as soon as she turns away from her sins. Turn away from the sins and I will turn away My wrath.


But do they cease from the love of money? I will turn their economy upside down.


Do they turn from their pride which says America is great of itself and refuse to give God the credit? I will topple the nation till she is a shadow of herself.



2002 10 10.1


Hear the word of the Lord. Canada will lose its ability to balance their budgets because of the downturn and crash of the economy.


Therefore, I have stated by this My word that there will be no more balanced budgets. I will bring so much debt to Canada that they will marvel at this problem; and I will never again, from this moment on, allow the budget to be balanced.


So I will end the prosperity of Canada.



2002 10 20.1


For thus says the Lord.


I am that I am. All those who look toward the eyes of man for their guidance shall now receive the prophets that they have sought. They shall see and believe the false prophets that have gone into the world.


For thus says the Lord. Those who dwell in the thinking and lusts of the world will be drawn into the sins of the false prophets. Do not despise this word. For the Lord will give unto the sinner the evils of his heart until it is time for the wrath of God.



2002 10 23.1


While I was in prayer I could see in my spirit President Bush as I had seen him earlier [see 2002 08 18.1]. I watched him signed again. But this time it continued and I saw him lean back in his chair and says, “I will do anything to get into Iraq.” Then the Lord gave me this word:


For thus saith the Lord. What you have seen is right. He has said it, and he has meant it.



2002 10 25.1


Now in these days, says the Lord, there shall come a renewal of My power within the church. There are many that shall say this is so. But I say, says the Lord, that it is not the church that you see today that shall be renewed, but rather those that I call out of the organized religious institutions that shall be renewed.


For they shall be called out and they shall seek Me with a pure heart, and I shall answer them and they shall be endowed with power from on high as in the days of the book of Acts.


For when people put aside their former beliefs and turn with a whole heart unto Me, they will find that I still anoint and empower as I have always done.



2002 10 25.2


For thus says the Lord. I am always with you even to the end of the world.


Look not to the world for the answers to the coming troubles. Look unto the Word of the Lord, and look unto the direction of the Holy Spirit in your life. For I will protect Mine Own in the coming days! Nothing shall harm them if they walk with Me and follow Me. Only those who seek answers from the world can be endangered.



2002 10 26.1


For thus says the Lord. Coming will be a day in which discrimination and persecutions against My uncompromising people will grow to frightening proportions. There shall come in both Canada and the U.S. a persecution that will never be equalled in these two countries.


Never before will the people be so strong against those who call themselves by My name and hold the Bible as the true and uncompromising Word of God. Never before will there be such power against My people.


But during this time My people will rise up in the strength of their Lord and do might works and deeds. For this will be the time of true revival, and I will be in their midst, says the Lord.



2002 10 26.2


For in the days to come there will arise a great persecution against My people, the Jews. They will be hurt and beaten by those who will blame them for the world’s troubles.



2002 10 29.1


For the judgment of God is rising against America. Canada shall not escape. Many nations shall be judged in the next few days, months, and years. I have delivered many

nations to be judged.


Now, says the Lord, is the time to call for the repentance of a nation. There are those who call unto Me to say, “forgive America,” but I say judgment will fall. Only repentance can save a nation.


Calling on Me for protection, but not repenting, does not bring protection; but rather judgment. For only a true cry unto Me, and a turning from sin, can change the course I have stated.




2002 11 1.1


For thus says the Lord. America is due judgment. My hook is in Bush’s nose to pull him into war with Iraq. And when he goes to war, America will be judged in a great way.


For thus says the Lord. America, America why have you forsaken Me?



2002 11 13.1


America, America, why would you not turn from your sins. You have longed to rule over others and therefore you shall be ruled over. You have sought the sins of the world and therefore you will have the world judge you.


Listen unto Me, says the Lord, if you would have repented and turned back to the true God of all, I would have blessed you, and all of the wrath to come would be stilled. But you would not listen and have gone after the world, and therefore, your enemies there will judge and condemn you.


Seek not the ways that are pleasing to the world or pleasing to the flesh; but seek only the ways of God so that you can walk in blessing and not in curse.



2003 01 19.1


Thus saith the Lord, I am that I am. The I Am has stated that judgments shall come. But when I delay such wrath do not think it shall not occur.


I have mercy and I delay My wrath on the U.S. in order that they might repent, but they have not. After 9/11 much prayer was made, but not to repentance, but rather to protection. Have they not understood that with repentance goes My protection?


I have given them much time to turn from their sins, but they have not. Instead they now go on toward their destruction.



2003 01 30.1


In my spirit I could see Saddam Hussein. As I looked at him I could see his heart come up before me. In it I could see an image of Hussein saying, “I am god.” He said it several times.




2003 01 30.2


In my spirit I could see President Bush. He said, “I’m in control, I’m in control.”



2003 01 31.1


For thus saith the Lord. Do not despair. I am going throughout the churches of America to see who will put My Name first, who will put the salvation by the Blood of the Lamb above all else. Those who do so will be blessed by the Lord above; but those who do not will be condemned by Me.


Do not turn to the world or the world’s ways. Do not listen to the ways of many who compromise My gospel. Those who turn away from the compromising position of the worldly church will be blessed by Me. Those who continue in the work of compromising My Word will be condemned!


Do not doubt this word. I am going throughout the world and throughout the churches in America to see who will put me first. It is time that the worldliness be burned out of the church! It is time to see that God is placed first above all things. There is power in the name of Jesus. Those who walk in that power are walking with Me. Those who do not walk in the power are walking with the world.


Not only will I turn away from godless churches, but I will turn to those who are truly serving Me in truth and power, and I will give them a protection in this time. For coming soon is a persecution and a strong attack against My people. Not only that but there is coming trouble to America’s shores. I will protect and guide My people through this time.


Do not partake in those churches and religious organizations who will not listen to the Word of God and follow it in a complete way.



2003 02 16.1


In a dream I was walking around an old church building. This building had an old cracked foundation in very bad shape. I was walking along the back of the church on an old sidewalk that was in worse shape than the church building. It was badly sunk in places and I had to be careful to not trip on the concrete.


As I walked along I was aware of what the people in this church were planning. There was a person who was with me and he asked what they were going to do with this old church building. I told him that the people of this church had decided to tear it down and rebuild in another location outside of the city. As he looked at the cracked foundation he remarked to me that that was a very good idea, it was what they needed to do.


Then as I had almost finished walking around the building I stepped on two nails which went into my shoe, but not into my foot. I looked at how far in they were and was thinking I would need a hammer to pull them out. I then woke up.


It was then that the Lord began to show me the meaning of what I had just seen. He said there were three main important facts about this church.


1. The foundation was cracked because they had built on worldly things, not on the Rock Christ Jesus.


2. They were building outside the city limits. It was a great new church to themselves and they were moving away from the people it was originally designed to reach.


3. The walkway at the back of the church was so cracked it was hard to walk on, and this was an indication that it would be very hard for an outside person to find the way, in that church, to Jesus.


Then the Lord began to show me the symbolism of the nails on the sidewalk going around the church. They represent the additional troubles of preaching against sin, rather than deliverance from sin. One nail represents the preaching against sin without any obvious deliverance, the other represents the refusal to show the people, who sought for an answer, the deliverance through Jesus’ Blood.



2003 02 16.2


As I was in prayer the Lord showed me, in my spirit, my fridge door open. I could see the storage area on the back of the door: it was empty. Then the Lord said, there is coming a time of extreme poverty.



2003 02 20.1


For thus says the Lord. I am that I am. Listen unto the warnings of My many prophets. Listen to what I say through them. Great judgments shall come upon the nations, but the greatest shall come upon America. For she has served herself, lifting herself up and giving herself the glory for her greatness.


I am that I am has made her great. Those who give the glory for their greatness to Me shall be blessed. Those who think they can become great without Me shall be judged for their evil, their pride, their lust for power.


Thus says the Lord. I have spoken and it shall happen.



2003 03 05.1


For thus says the Lord. I am that I am.


I have created one church, one Bible, and one truth. Therefore, all who profess to believe in Me must believe to one truth, one God, and one church. Where do we find one church? Where? Why are there so many organizations that use My Name and do not bow to the will of God for one church?


In My Word I condemned factions and denominations or sects of My church. You will find it in I Corinthians 1.


Obey My Word now! Return to the days of the book of Acts where My people were one; humbling themselves under the might hand of God.


Turn away from the sins that you have. Destroy your divisions of Me. Become a local church that will not, under any circumstances, change or alter what the Bible says.


Leave any church that will not confess that God is all and they are nothing. Return to the humility of the first century church. Look at what My Word says and believe it; not what some theologian interprets. Stand for all of God’s Word and lead the world to Christ!



2003 03 28.1


As America’s invasion of Iraq in the ‘98 bombing brought about September 11 [see prophecies 2001 09 13.1 and 2002 11 1.1], so too will this invasion into Iraqi soil bring terrorism on American soil.


I have purposed in My heart that America shall be judged––and so it shall.



2003 04 28.1


In this dream from the Lord I could see actors coming on stage to receive some type of award. They would receive the award and make a short speech. After that, another one would come up to receive another award. In my spirit in the dream I knew this was taking place in New Orleans [Louisiana, USA].


But there were several strange things here. Everyone, including those in the audience, were waving something in front of their face in an attempt to cool themselves. There was no air-conditioning in this large building, and it was very hot. Also the stage was lit by only a few lights; and absolutely no lights in the audience, they were in the dark. I knew in my spirit that the reason was a lack of power. The show had obtained special permission to go on by agreeing to use a minimum of power.


The entire city seemed to be in some type of power crunch. I could see out over the city that night and very few lights were on. As I looked on this I wondered why this was; and it was as if I suddenly remember something I had known before: Oh, yes, it is because of the power shortage in the US. And then this thought came to me: the United States was really badly prepared because they did not have extra power to handle such as crisis. But I was not aware of what kind of crisis created this power shortage. And another thought came to me in the form of a question: was this a literal happening, or was it to symbolize some type of power problem in the US. The Lord did not give me an answer to this question.



2003 05 19.1


I am come to protect and comfort My people. I am come, says the Lord, to comfort My people.


For there is coming a great time of trial and temptation, and many christians will turn and fight against their brothers because of the turmoil and trouble of the day. There is coming a great time of trial in which many will be persecuted and many will turn from the truth to a lie to avoid persecution.


But those who turn against Me, says the Lord, will be lost. Those who turn not against me, but stand wholly before Me, will be protected in the day of trouble.



2003 05 19.2


The time of trouble is at hand. The time of trouble can only be guarded against by prayer and fasting. Those who prepare in the spiritual will not have trouble in the flesh. Those who try and prepare in the physical, will have both trouble in the flesh and in the spirit.




2003 06 1.1


Thus says the Lord. Those wicked men and women who will create a statehood for Palestinians will be judged along with those nations who support it.


Also, says the Lord, I will defend My Nation Israel from the evil of this new state.


When it is here, and created by men and satan, you will see that I have used it to bring My people to their knees in repentance and recognition of the Saviour and Messiah. Then I will judge that state of Palestine and remove it. So says the Lord.



2003 06 3.1


A spirit of anti-semitism will rise in the U.S. beginning right now.



2003 06 3.2


In the days to come it will be up to the church to stand for Israel. It is those true christians that will stand and defend Jews against their enemy.


In the days to come it will be those true christians that defend My people. Those who do not defend them are not of Me, saith the Lord.


So it is that it will be easy to see who is of Me and who is not.



2003 06 07.1


There is a movement in the spiritual realm to bring strong discrimination against the Jews in America. This movement of satan will be strong, not only in the world but also in the church.


Those who have stood on the spiritual line, trying to be a “christian” when their heart is far from it, will be revealed. Go look in the churches in the months to come and see if those who call themselves christian can stand up and defend My people, the Jews. If they can stand up and defend them, then they are indeed of Me; but if not, then they are false and are of the world.




2003 06 17.1


My people who are called by My Name shall stand for their God in the midst of the persecution to come.


For thus says the Lord, I have instilled a Spirit of peace in the hearts of those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. This Spirit of peace shall lead them as they walk through the troubled times to come. I will band them together in a Spirit of humility and love. They will not compromise My Word. They shall stand for their God, no matter what.



2003 06 17.2


[An Ontario Court has ruled that homosexuals may marry, and the Federal Government is planning legislation to make this legal all across the country.]


As Canada moves toward sanctioning homosexual marriages, I will move, says the Lord, to judge the nation for sanctioning perversions. I created marriage not to be torn apart and not to be perverted.



2003 06 18.1


Thus saith the Lord. When I end one judgment, another will come. I have ended the severe drought on the land, but I have also given the farmer Mad Cow scare. Until there is repentance from the heart, I will continue to judge. So says the Lord.



2003 06 18.2


For thus says the Lord. I am the One who you should be worshipping. I am the One who you should be paying attention too. I am the One who is in control of everything.


Those who stand for their denomination, those who stand for their beliefs separate from the Bible, those who stand for their money organized churches; will stand for the world and I will not be their help when the troubles and denominational fights begin.


Yes, there will be fights between churches, fights within churches, and fights between those within the churches and those without. I am calling My people to stand for peace and love––even to love those who are wrong––and bring a Spirit of love to those who persecute them. I am calling My people to stand for peace and not fight at this time. For those who fight will lose; and those who will not fight but stand in love for the truth of the Bible will be raised up victorious by Myself in the end.


Stand and know that troubled times are coming. Stand and know that there is a way of the world which will lead to sin within the churches. Stand and know that there is a way of God which will lead to truth without man-made, money organized, churches. So says the Lord.



2003 07 19.1


Thus saith the Lord. There is a word that is given to you who listen to the prophet: that is, be obedient not to man’s word, but to God’s Word. Anything that contradicts the Word of God is simply wrong! Therefore, know what all of the Bible says. Do not listen to anything else which is contrary to it. Do not listen to even this prophet if he says something contrary to God’s Word.


Listen and know that God has always been the same. Many will come and say we have heard from God, but say a word that contradicts the Bible. Do not listen to such. God is never wrong. I have never changed and will never change.


Power comes only through seeking Jesus, and fasting and prayer. Those who seek power do so at their peril, for I never commanded you to seek power, but rather to seek Me and you will find power; for power comes only through the Lord Jesus. So says the Word.



2003 09 28.1


Thus says the Lord. I am says to all who belong to Me, seed sowing––witnessing––is your call. It is everyone’s call.


I am perplexed by the amount of gossip over My seers. They all gossip about one another and almost everyone gossips about them. Who is right? Who shall we believe? Who is doing what in secret?


You all are worried about being deceived by the false prophet. But I say, says the I am, that if you would spend the time that you worry about deception, and the time you gossip about My prophets, in prayer and fasting I would have shown you who is telling the truth!! Spend time before Me in reading the Word, fasting and prayer; and you will be lead by the Spirit and you will be protected by My might. So says the Lord.




2003 09 30.1


Thus saith the Lord God. I have always been a protector of My people. Today that is still true. I will always protect My people. But My people wish to protect themselves by their own means; or they wish that I protect them without their obedience. Obedience to me always requires prayer before Me, and fasting and prayer. Look at My Son. Did He not fast and pray always while on this earth? Then obey the Word and fast and pray and you will walk in the power of God’s Spirit and you will be under the direction and protection of Me.



2003 10 13.1


Thus says the Lord. Oh that My people would bow down and worship Me more than their favourite church sect. Oh that they would place Me before all things; for then would I be able to move among them.



2003 10 13.2


Thus says the Lord. Go forth with a witness among the people. Be a light unto the world. Be strong in the ways of God. For then will I be able to work salvation in the people. For they need a witness and an example to see; for they will not read My Word, nor will they look upon Me.



2003 10 30.1


Thus says the Lord. Listen all you who are called by My Name. Submit to the Lord in all things.


Listen all who are called to minister to the flock. Who is in control? Do you have control of your ministry? Or do I have control of My Ministry through you?



2003 11 25.1


I cry for My people who are deceived by such a wicked world. So many have tried to make the church look good in the eyes of the world by making the church worldly.


So much has been done by these people that My church looks more like the world than Me.


I have become strengthened by those who will stand against the worldliness that is in the church––always wanting to be so worldly that they have gone away from Me.


See in the Word how powerful My church was: healing, miracles on a regular time. But now how many are healed, how many miracles, how many signs and wonders?


When they come back to Me, I will come again in signs, wonders, and mighty deeds.



2003 11 25.2


When I am hard on My people it is to bring them back to Me. For when they are far from Me they are in danger all of the time in their world. Yet as they come back to Me they shall be restored again to the protection that I offer to Mine own; as was the case with Daniel in the Lion’s Den: all was danger around, but no harm could befall him with the Lord.



2003 12 7.1


In the Name of Jesus this country [Canada] will go far to the left in politics. The right wing will flounder and not succeed. They [the new right-wing Conservative Party] will never be in power. I have anointed the Liberals as leaders for elections to come because this country must be judged, and they are My tools to accomplish this. You will see the Liberals and the NDP as the main parties in parliament in the years to come.



2004 01 28.1


For thus says the Lord. My people who are tormented by unbelievers within the churches are truly those who are My witnesses in all the land. For when those who are within the churches will not bow down and serve the Master, Jesus; then truly sin has come unto the churches. I seek those who will bow down and humble themselves and obey the Spirit of God.



2004 01 31.1


The Lord is looking for obedience and faith in Him. Listen, says God, I desire that you walk in the faith of the Lord Jesus’ Blood bought salvation, His death, and resurrection, rather than to be concerned about vain theologies which you will not truly understand on this earth.


Look unto Jesus. Be filled with the Spirit. Submit to His will, and be a witness wherever you go and you will do the will of God thoroughly. Stand and believe the simplicity of salvation; for vain theologies divide those who do not understand the simplicity and the pureness of the gospel.


Therefore, go throughout the world and believe the resurrection of the Messiah and preach it to all you come into contact with.



2004 01 31.2


Those who seek the Lord and seek His will and bow down and worship the Creator of All will have signs following. For those who seek the signs will miss it! Those who seek Jesus will find Him and His signs following!! [Mark 16:17]



2004 02 2.1


My body, says the Lord, is headed into the last days, but it is not ready for the last days. They are influenced by the world around them. They do not pray. They do not fast. They do not meditate on My Word. But they spend time in front of the TV watching all the filth that is on there. They do spend time watching all the movies of the world. How is this feeding their spirit? I say they are weak, yes, very weak in the spirit, says the Lord.



2004 02 8.1


My true church is not a denomination, but rather it is My people gathering into a local congregation with a name that represents the local area. Beyond this is sin. For if one creates a division with Christ, one creates a division of My people which is wickedness.



2004 02 8.2


Thus saith the Lord. Those churches who are truly not part of division-making shall be blessed by Me. Those churches who will not stand as a true and separate church from divisions (denominations) shall be removed.


I will not longer have divisions within My body. They shall be removed.


I will do this in the coming years.



2004 02 23.1


Here this Word of the Lord. I am calling My people to repent from their sins and begin again to witness about Me to the world.


Again I am saying that My people need to turn to a life of living My Word and telling others about Me. For so many live a life unto themselves letting those around them go to hell.



2004 03 27.1


How many people, says the Lord, have I called out of My church to begin a teaching of My power? They should have been able to learn this within the church, but they could not because the church has preached against My power!


I said in My Word, that you shall do greater miracles than I did [John 14:12] Why is this not seen? Because the church preaches worldly man-made power and not Godly power through fasting and prayer!!



2004 03 27.2


Take no thought of your finances. I am the Lord of them and I will bless you. Instead work: for those who will not work shall not eat. Those who have spent their money selfishly on themselves will I judge, for the blessings of this earth are to give to the poor and to serve those in need!



2004 04 01.1


Thus saith the Lord. My people need to spend time in My Word. They are weak spiritually because they do not spend time before Me in reading of My Word, meditation of what they read, and fasting and prayer before Me.


There is coming a time when only the strong in the Spirit will be able to stand. Even now those that stand and believe everything that is in My Word are not necessarily strong. Only those that have spent time in prayer have built up spiritual strength. These are those that I use in spreading My Salvation throughout the earth.



2004 04 04.2


For thus says the Lord. The way to My heart is obedience, love, and prayer: obedience to all My ways found in the Word; love of all people, even those who hate you; and prayer time with Me. With these things in your life I can teach and have you go to whatever My will is. So says the Lord Jesus Christ.




2004 04 05.1


For this is not the Lord’s will: to judge a nation in this way: to bring about the destruction of the poultry industry in British Columbia. But when the sin is strong enough I will judge the places that have turned after their own ways and not to My ways.


Slowly and surely I am placing My hand on the nation of Canada. It could be for blessing if there was repentance. But since the people reject Me, says the Lord, I will send destruction on various industries. This is done in this slow way to give the nation time to repent. But I assure you that the speed of judgment shall increase as time moves on.


Therefore let the world know that these things are happening because of the sin and not because of coincidence. So says the Lord.



2004 04 14.1


Thus saith the Lord. I wish to have My people hear My Word and not to doubt it. So many of My people doubt healing, doubt miracles, doubt the power of God in their lives. So many turn and believe the world around them more than they believe in Me.


Turn now and believe everything that is in My Word. Turn and believe that I am the God of the universe and I can move mountains for you. If you believe, you can receive many miracles daily. If you cannot, you can leave behind the God you serve and will not receive much from Him.



2004 04 23.1


There are many who walk in pride in the church thinking that they are someone important who will be used in the coming revival. But no! I will use the humble ones who are not part of the great organized man-made church. For the man-made man organized church will not partake of what is to come. For what is to come must come through the unhindered move of the Holy Spirit. Anything else would taint the move of God. So says the Lord God.



2004 04 28.1


Thus saith the Lord. Here in this earth people have a pride and a will to control what they perceive to be there’s––that is, they wish to control “their church.” But it is My church, saith the Lord. It is Mine. I bought and paid for it with My Blood. They are to serve Me, not themselves!


So therefore, remember to bow down and serve the King of Kings. Do not be concerned about the workings of the church, for I have that under control. Do concern yourself with what I wish you to do for Me.


Remember that all are called to witness and be a light wherever they go. Remember that I wish to control My church with those that I call to various ministries. Do not be dismayed that so many have gone astray after their own lusts in “owning their church.” It has always been this way and it will always be this way until I return. For I will return and set all things right.


Now remember to serve Me and not be concerned about the evils within the church, for I will take care of them in My way. Remember to not fight against your brothers in the Lord, even if they are so obviously wrong. Remember to love them and by that love lead them into the truth, for it is by love that you can most serve Me.


Now put aside petty differences between you and all others. Remember to serve Me with love and to go out of your way to help others. So says the Lord.



2004 05 06.1


Thus says the Lord. Did I not command My people to submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit? Why then do I find man-organized man-controlled organizations who call themselves by My Name? In the book of Acts I saw the multitudes bow down and serve Me. But here in this world we now have an organization which is answerable to itself and the votes of its members.


Blasphemy! Great blasphemy!! So says the Lord!



2004 05 22.1


As I said in 2001 [2001 11 04.3], “they shall fight in Afghanistan. And they shall have a difficult time. And every time they think they have made progress they will find a huge price for that progress.”


And so they have. They are still there and they are still fighting in many remote locations. But their huge price is being found in Iraq. Most of the problems that have come upon America in that nation have befallen them as a result of Afghanistan. So note this. Many years have gone by and slowly this word is coming to pass.


Beware! There are many more attacks to come on the United States and these will come at their due appointed time!




2004 07 1.1


Thus says the Lord. I Am says that Canada will go into judgment. While Quebec will again turn to separation, much of the rest of Canada will go into the ways of satan. Judges shall push the homosexual agenda forward and this will hasten the judgments to come.


Stand and know that those who will stand for the Lord Jesus Christ will go forward into persecutions, but also blessings of the Lord. They will stand for the Word and many will be against them. But I will stand for them in these trying times.


Besides the homosexual agenda much sin will go forth. This new government will move in many ways to defend the “rights” of various people––meaning gay marriage and other perversions––but also stand against God’s Word and God’s ways. Therefore there shall be judgment against Martin personally. I will judge him because of the wickedness of his pro-homosexual agenda. So says the Lord.



2004 07 1.2


Harper will not do well as the official opposition. His remarks, both as leader and as former leader, will divide the Conservative party creating plenty of in-fighting.



2004 07 1.3


Thus saith the Lord. I have My hand on the U.S. They will not escape judgment. Slowly they are being drawn into wars and situations that will turn their enemies strongly against them. Only My protection will protect what is coming. Beware that the time is short and I am bringing about the fulfilment of all.



2004 07 3.1


My people deprive themselves by spending time in their own ways instead of spending time in My Word and in prayer. They miss the peace and joy they could be living in.



2004 07 5.1


Those people who are called by My Name and who stay the course in prayer and fasting have a much stronger testimony in the world. It is understood by those that what people see in them is of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shows through as they live their lives.


Those who do not pray as they should have a weak testimony because it is their flesh that people see and not the Spirit of God.


It is a must that christians who mean business with Me are on their face in prayer and humility before the throne of God.



2004 07 6.1


The church has tried to make things complicated when they are simple. Faith is simple. Miracles are simple. Salvation is simple. But those who study are always looking for the complex. Cry before God. Make straight your paths. Stand and defend God’s Word. Do not compromise. These things are simple.



2004 07 16.1


For thus saith the Lord. My power is blowing through the church. It will burn with fire all things. Those that stand on the Word in truth shall remain. Those that stand in the power of this earth shall be brought down.


No more shall sin enter at the door. I will prevent this by My power, saith the Lord.


With a new and bold church I will enter these last days with power. No more worldliness in the church. My power shall flow as it once did when I left this earth.


Those things that remain from the fire I will take out of the financial institutions that dares call itself “church” and I will build again My people.


So says the Lord of all.



2004 07 30.1


Now thus saith the Lord. The time is growing short. The time of great judgment is arriving, but many have said in their heart, “it will not happen.” But I say it shall be here soon. So beware: those that are spiritually prepared shall be okay, those that spend their time in the worldliness shall be damned. So says God.




2004 08 21.1


America. America. America. How dare you be so arrogant to say that you have raised yourself up? How dare you say you are great? How dare you not recognize the God that created this nation and raised it up in glory?



2004 10 17.1


Thus saith the Lord. Prayer is the answer to all things christian. A christian is only as strong as his prayer life. A church is only as strong as the prayer of the people. Without hours of prayer you cannot walk a truly christian walk. Without hours of prayer you cannot walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.



2004 11 20.1


I declare, says the Lord, that Bush would win the election. I declare, says the Lord, that the time of judgment upon the U.S. will continue.


First, Bush will surround himself with unwise counsellors. These will lead him away from wisdom and toward destruction.


Then, Bush will drag the U.S. into a situation that will enable China and Russia to attack. When all this is done according to My plan, judgment will become fierce upon fierce. So says the Lord.



2004 12 08.1


When My people who are far from Me begin to return, humble themselves, and be a light to those around them; then and only then can I move in the power of revival.


For revival can only come when My people spend their time in prayer, fasting, humility, and obedience, in love.


For few realize how close judgment on America is. If they could see what is about to happen it would shake them and send them to their knees.


Therefore, cry out and prepare your way for God. Prepare to bless those around you who are in need. Prepare to witness to the truth. Prepare to serve the Most High God.


For the time is close!



2004 12 29.1


For thus saith the Lord. I have used this format of the internet through this prophet to warn of what is to come. I have used this format to warn of what shall shortly take place. This is the end of the use of this format through this prophet. It is not the end of his work, but it is the end of this era.


Prepare to see the work of the hand of God. The time is close for the release of judgments, and to some extent, has already begun. So pray and fast, seeking the ways of God through obedience, humility, and love.




The End of the Prophecies for the Years 2001 - 2004