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Bob Neumann (Old Dog)

Prophecies, Visions, Teachings


Old Dog (1996 - 1997)

Old Dog (1998)

Old Dog (1998) - Armies of God

Old Dog (1998) - The Killing of the Bull - The judgment on the false god of America

Old Dog (1999)

Old Dog (1999) - The 7 Thunders

Old Dog (2000)

Old Dog (2001)

Old Dog (2002 - 2005)

Old Dog (2006 - 2007)

Old Dog (2008)



Prophetic Subjects


American Judgments


Washington's Vision - 1777 - Several wars fought in America

Invasion of Russian Forces through Canada - Reg King

Solemn Prophetic Warnings - Stanley Frodisham

Shaking in the Land - Paul Jacobsen

Judgment of America - Katie Jordan

America Attacked - Dream through Pete Kasbohm



Economic Judgments


The Coming Stock Market Crash - Harold Eatmon

A Prophetic Word - Jane Lowder



General Judgments


The Prophecies and Visions Of Dumitru Duduman - these include those revelations he received just before his death; and were only recently released by his family

Dream Received April 1997 by Dumitru Duduman - and the interpretation that God has given me

Esdras' Vision of the United States of America - The interpretation that God has shown me concerning the vision seen by Esdras at about 400 B. C.

Things To Come - Vision through Michele Perry

Various Prophecies Through David Kriss/Robert Holmes - concerning judgments on Australia, Japan, USA

Prophecy of Muslims - Gaylene Womack August 1998

The Towers Have Fallen and We Have Missed the Message - David Wilkerson

Vision of the Destruction of America - A. A. Allen's vision

Catastrophic Event Dream - through Richard Keltner

The Eagle of Vengance - through Brian Grewal

2006 New Year's Dream - Chuck Colson - A dream of destruction and judgment on America

A Serious Word of Prophecy - Maurice Sklar

Dreams and Visions of Kim Weir - judgments on America

Great Earthquake Coming - Michael Boldea, grandson of Dumitru Duduman

Prophetic Message to the Church - Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, God's prophet from India

The Following Months - Delta Vines





The Real Apostolic Church - Vision through Matthew J. Burdette

Civil War in the Church - Betty Lorde

The Sword and The Serpent - Elliott L. Vere

A Bridegroom's Lament - through Brian Grewal, pastor

Vision of Car Race - through Heidi Cummins

Dream of the Migrant Workers - Bryan Hupperts





Prophetic Comparison of Daniel 7, Zechariah 6, and Revelation 6 - An interpretation that God gave me concerning the beast of Daniel, and the horses of Zechariah and Revelation

Take Up Your Cross - A prophetic vision through David Crutcher



The Salvation Plan According to the Bible

The Prophetic Word - The prophecies that God has given to His prophet: Thomas S. Gibson


God Bless All of You in Your Walk With Jesus