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Over the years of breeding one tends to lose a cat now an then--either due to the natural progression of time, or sometimes an illness or accident, This page is a tribute to some cats who either were part of my cattery at the time, or were sold, or I retired and have died. They are sadly missed, but not forgotten.


"JA.1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation, neither shadow that is cast by turning."


Ch. Sidarka Lilac Ursula of Li'l Minx
Sadi was my foundation queen. She was a cat that loved to mom all kittens--whether they were hers or not. It is a trait that seemed to be passed on. I retired Sadi when she was 5 years old. She lived until she was 14 years old.

Phedoe's Sheba of Li'l Minx

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Sheba was supposed to be my first breeding cat. Unfortunately she was vaccinated for Felv since at that time neither the breeder or myself were aware that the vaccine caused problems. Sheba died of FIP. I later found out that vaccinating her was a major contributing factor. I also found through this experience that not all vets are as knowledgeable as they would like to believe on issues concerning vaccination or things relating to breeding and catteries. I also discovered that not all vets are breeder friendly. If you want to be a breeder find a vet who is both breeder friendly and open to the fact that s/he may learn from you. In a good breeder/vet relationship you learn from each other. I feel Sheba went through extra suffering that was unnecessary because it took me a while to find a good vet.


Li'l Minx Emily Amanda
Emily was out of my first litter. She was independent and had a mind of her own. Emily died at the young age of 15 months. Unfortunately I didn't know the things I do now and vaccinated the cats for FeLv. At the time a lot of breeders did--little did we know that it could be fatal. Please listen to what breeders tell you concerning your kitten's vaccination--we've often learned the hard way.


Li'l Minx Serina Ilysa
Serina was out of my second litter. She was a real sweetie and she was my April Fool's cat; only I was the fool--I wasn't expecting kittens just yet. She was my first true show cat. She died just after turning a year also due to the use of the FeLv vaccine.


Phedoe's Bombelurina of Li'l Minx
Rina died due to an immune system problem that was brought on by a combination of using the Felv vaccine and that the breeders I was sending her to for breeding at the time did not have healthy catteries. I assumed they did. The best advice I can give anyone is ask around, talk to others and assume nothing. It could save you a lot of heart ache.


Li'l Minx Lancelot
Max as he was fondly known by his new owners, was tragically hit by a car. Please keep your pet indoors or only allow supervised access out doors. Max's owners didn't purposely let him out but they soon found that they had a little escape artist. Max was a free spirit and didn't listen to the word 'no'--even as a wee kitten. Max got out one day as his owner left for work, though his owner called for him he didn't come right away. Shortly after his owner got to work, she received a phone call. Max was hit by a car on his way home--he was killed instantly.


Li'l Minx Kurn
Kurn was one of those one in a million cats. He was smart and very personable. He picked his owner so it was especially devastating when he died. He became suddenly ill and died shortly thereafter. His candle burned briefly but very brightly.


Li'l Minx Tegan Glitterfur
I gave Tiki to a friend and fellow breeder in an effort to help her with her breeding program. She did get a few nice kittens out of her and I thought she was going to follow my advice and spay Tiki at 6 years--especially since the last litter (at least what I was told was going to be her last litter) was particularly hard on her. Well sadly, the breeder didn't follow my advice and bred her again. She died due to problems in the pregnancy and the vet felt it was due in part to 'over breeding'. Please if you purchase a cat for breeding--listen to what the breeder tells you regarding breeding frequency. Each cat is different and the breeder will be most familiar with what is appropriate for his/her lines. And be careful who you place your breeders with.


Li'l Minx Topaz Ice
I gave Topaz to the same breeder I gave Tiki to. The breeder again did not follow my advice and bred Topaz too quickly after she had had a very stressful time with a litter of kittens. Topaz was bred, aborted the litter and then she was re bred again shortly thereafter. She was not given adequate rest between breedings and she became very run down. She was subsequently put down after becoming very ill, The breeder's vet again attributed it to over breeding. A cat does not necessarily have to be bred just because it has cycled 3 times. Follow the advice of the breeder you acquire the cat from--they have most likely been doing this for a while and know whether or not a cat can be left to cycle for a bit before needing to be bred.


Willie was not actually my cat, he belonged to the people who lived next door to my parents. However because the people both worked and Willie would get lonely, so he would come over and visit with my parents. I guess he kind of had 2 homes. He stole our hearts. Willie made an instant fan of me when his owner brought him over to my parents--the little guy kissed me on the nose. He was a sweet little fellow who had a brief but happy life. We are not sure how he died--he was found in a neighbors yard, it looked like he was sleeping (he often visited with their cat). We think he may have been hit by a car.

DGC Gentlegift's Willow of Li'l Minx
Willow suddenly and unexplicably died 10 days after giving birth to 4 kittens. Milk fever or eclampsia was suspected, though the results were inconclusive. It was very sudden and there was no indication anything was wrong. Willow was unlike any cat I have ever had before. She touched many people. She was not just a cat--she was a little person in fur. To Willow the world was meant to be played with. Everything was a toy, if she couldn't find a cat toy to play with she found something else. She is sadly missed.


Li'l Minx Nala of Alethea
Nala died a few days after giving birth to 3 kittens. The kittens died a few hours after birth. Although a bit out of sorts--she seemed fine. A few days later she died. She ws my first red female Burmese. She has a special place in my heart as well as Jo's. Her legacy lives on.

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