Li'l Minx Korats--the nursery

My blue boy

Here's Gandalf when he was just a little tyke--well maybe not so little, but he's still a kitten.

cute little Willow Then we have Willow--the original.She was cute and knew it too!

"Baby" Willow as she was fondly known as at first"Baby" Willow placeholder What can I say?--like mother, like daughter.

Rhiannon Rhiannon

And here we have Rhiannon--another cutie.

peek-a-boo Rhiannon

On June 4 2000 Willow gave birth to 4 kittens.Proud papa is Gandalf. Sadly on June 15 2000 Willow suddenly died.Pictures of the kittens can be seen on Cinders Story and Miracle Kitten. She is survived by her daughter Li'l Minx Tha Kai Bok Noi(means "little willow" in Thai) aka Baby Willow. Two other kittens went to pet homes were they are cherished, the fourth kitten failed to thrive and grow and died at 2 months.

On February 28 2001 Baby Willow or Willow as she is now known gave birth to 5 kittens.Unfortunatly 2 didn't make it from the start.Of the remaining three we have 2 girls and a boy. Kon Lek Lek Radchathan is proud daddy.

girl kittens
Willow's kittens at 12 days
Elwing and Tina at 12 days
Li'lMinx Tinuviel aka Tina
tina and sam
I kept Li'l Minx Tinuviel aka Tina. Li'l Minx Elwing(who is now known as "Spring" to her friends and family)went to live with a big white cat named Winter; who she in true Korat fashon keeps in line. Samwise took suddenly ill just before he was about to go to his new home. Sadly he didn't make it.
Tina and Samwise
Rhiannon became a very proud mom on August 20 2002. Gandalf is proud papa.
dinner time
Rhiannon and kittens at about 3 or 4 weeks
Willow and kittens
I'm a cutie
kitten crowd
Auntie Willow and babies
Arawin, Mo and Ling
Thai Ling
Li'l Minx Modron has gone to Apex NC to be a part of Laura Shimer's breeding program. Li'l Minx Arawin has gone to live with Ailsa Stark and Skarraghbrae Korats. Li'l Minx Thai Ling rules the home she lives in Calgary.
Li'l Minx Thai Ling
Li'l Minx Modron aka Mo

On February 23 2003 Willow gave birth to two kittens,both male.Proud papa is Mayopun Chakotay of Skarraghbrae. One little fella got pneumonia at 5 weeks and sadly didn't make it. The second little guy "Pippin" has not been placed in his new home yet. There are no picturess because my digital camara has decided to have an attitude.

On june 24 2003 at 3AM Rhiannon presented me with 5 beautiful babies. Due to her timing(or lack of it depending on how you see it), I got a day off work.There are 3 girls and 2 boys. Proud dad is again Gandalf--and it looks like there are more 'Gandalf clones'. Pictures will be posted as soon as I can get my camera working again.

Pitures of kittens older and/or in their new homes may be seen here.
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