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Announcing the arrival of Gentlegift Willow of Li'l Minx aka Sweetums
Willow has at long last arrived and taken over the household.Willow is pregnant and kittens were born June 4 2000. There is 1 male and 2 females. All are spoken for.

Li'l Minx Tha Kai Bok Noi aka Willow(after her mom)is pregnant. Kittens are due March 1 2002. Watch for pictures on the Korat Kitten page.

Announcing the arrival of Skarraghbrae Rhiannon of Li'l Minx. More pictures are on the Korat Kitten page.

Rhiannon has had kittens. The little darlings can be seen on the kitten page

Willow--daddy's little girl
Gandalf--resident stud
C. Li'l Minx Tha Kai Bok Noi
aka Willow
C. Gandalf the Grey
Rhiannon--my little sweetie
Tina--damn I'm cute!
GCh. Skarraghbrae Rhiannon
of Li'l Minx
C. Li'l Minx Tinuviel aka Tina

Willow--my little sweetheart

DGCh. Gentlegift's Willow of Li'l Minx

Willow was my foundation queen.She was a sweet little cat whose candle burned brightly but briefly. She came into my life in May of 1999 and lived with me for a little over a year. She died quite suddenly and unexpectedly 10 days after giving birth to 4 kittens. For the brief time she had experiencing motherhood, she was a wonderful mom. Her orphan kittens were adopted by Cinders, a Burmese 3 weeks after her death.

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