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Where did the name 'kormese' come from, you ask? Well when Kismet had them I WAS calling them burmese-korat crosses(which is what they are). But that was a bit of a mouthful. My Dad who likes to invent words(he always did when we were kids)came up with the following:

KORMESE:a cross between a korat male and a burmese female.
BURRAT:a cross between a burmese male and a korat female.

These kittens are the result of an oops litter.Gandalf my korat stud got out and bred Kismet, one of my burmese females. The kittens' names were given by their owners--with the exception of Flash. Normally kittens are given names according to a theme--these guys aren't purebred and are only pets so normal didn't seem to apply.
This is NOT a new breed.The pictures are posted here because their new owners wanted to see them. Besides they are pretty adorable.

Flash,blue cream kormese Flash

This is Flash--she's a blue tortie. She was so named because of her markings. She's the flashy one of the 2 torties. She's also pretty outgoing.




Eddie cream kormese cream kormese kitten





 This is Eddie. He's a cream. The only male in the group. He's a real sweetie.

Prisilla blue tortie kormese

This is Prisilla.She's also a blue tortie. She isn't as flashy as her sister and she's got a quieter personality to match.





Eddie licking the sheets
"Hey mom, these sheets taste like catnip--really"

gonna pounce on ya
"Gee,what's that?"

"I'm gonna get her tail--YA!"

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