Li'l Minx Korats

Foundation Korats
C Cherdawn Gandalf the Grey
DGC Gentlegift's Willow of Li'l Minx

C Cherdawn Gandalf the Grey
silver-blue Korat male
breeder: Doreen Walker
owners: Marcia Epstein and Trish Strong

DGC Gentlegift's Willow of Li'l Minx
December 22 1998 - June 15 2000
breeder: D.Langford/J B Ganoe/D.Ganoe
owner: Trish Strong
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About the cattery & the breeder

These two cats were the foundation of my Korat breeding program which I started in 1998. I had been breeding Burmese since 1988. I started specializing in the red, cream and tortie colors in 1990 and worked along with a few others to get the colors accepted in Championship. In TICA's 1993-94 season the red, cream and tortie colors were accepted for Championship. I continued to work with Burmese until 2002, when I decided to take a hiatus from them and concentrate solely on the Korats.

My introduction to the cat fancy was in the summer of 1986, when I decided to have a booth at a local cat show and try to sell watercolors I had done while at school at the Alberta College of Art & Design. I managed to sell one painting and decided that once finished college I would maybe consider breeding cats--a concept not so foreign to me as I have a cousin who is a dog breeder. I checked out the cats and narrowed the breeds down to two--the Korat and the Burmese.

In January 1987 I entered my two Household pets in a local cat show at the urging of a friend who I shared a studio with while at Art College. Needless to say I was hooked. In April of 2987 I got my first Burmese as a graduation present to myself. Thus started my career as a breeder. I chose Burmese intially because I could not find a Korat and when I talked to Korat breeders the previous year I got the impression that finding available studs would require lengthy shipping. At the time I was on a "starving artist" budget, so it was not that practical. In the back of my mind I thought 'One day...'

In the mean time I bred the Burmese and started working with the red gene. I saw pictures of red Burmese in a book and decided that was what I wanted. In the twelve years I worked with the Burmese I managed to establish a reputation for clear-coated, unbarred reds. Many of my cats placed in the top 3 of the breed for the Northwest Region in TICA. Some achieved International Color Awards for the breed as well.

In 1998, eleven years after my start in the fancy, the opportunity to acquire a Korat arose. I happened to be benched next to Marcia Epstein at a local cat show. She was showing an alter and I was showing a chocolate tortie Burmese and her chocolate daughter. We got talking cats and I told her that the Korat was actually one of my choices for breeding, but at the time I started breeding they just seemed impossible to get. She suggested I contact Doreen Walker. I did--together we acquired C Cherdawn Gandalf the Grey. in May 1998 Gandalf arrived and thus started my love-affair with Korats. In May of 1999 DGC Gentlegift's Willow of Li'l Minx arrived. I could now start my breeding program.

The cattery is located in Calgary Alberta, Canada. It is a small cattery--consisting of a stud male and three or four breeding females with room for one or two altered pets. Currently there is one stud and three breeding females. I usually have two to three litters a year and do my best to try and keep it so that only one female is pregnant at a given time. I do this to ensure that the kittens get lots of attention and keep disease and stress problems to a minimum.

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