Here are some links to various places.I have listed cat and breeding links first. Afterwards I have listed some personal links. Either non-cat people I know or things I just think are interesting.

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CFA Northwest region

TICA The International Cat Association

One Busy Cat

Clawed for Life...because a declawed cat is a maimed cat ~ Pawprints and Purrs

Gentlegift Cattery

Jaimi Cattery

KoratWorld banner


Thai Cat mailing list

KCFA banner


Spamcop--help stop spam

I hate spam. These guys do a great job filtering and rapping the spammers knucles.

Home of Trond

This person is a friend of mine. His site happens to have lots of cool links and other interesting stuff--like some pretty nifty pictures of the Aurora Borialis

The Dilbert Zone

I happen to like Dilbert

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

This website is dedicated to Babylon 5. Another thing I happen to like.

Urban Legends Reference Page

Check this page out before you e-mail all your friends about things that seem too good or wild to be true. Chances are that it probably is. Tons of good and rather interesting stuff here.

Computer Problems--as Explained by Dr. Suess

Kind of self-explanatory.

Jeff de Boer

I went to Art College with this fellow. I have always liked his work.(and the fact that one of the things he does is make armour for cats has nothing to do with it :) ).

StarWind Banner

Starwind Role playing game based on the StarTrek series.I used to be a crew member.

cats are from Mars

To BIRC Website The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre Facilitating the self-determination, community integration and well-being of individuals with acquired brain injury since 1989. I also happen to work here.

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