Miracle Kitten--the story of Daisy

Ja.5:16 "The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much."


Daisy's story began when she was about 8 weeks old. It started with teething problems. What was a simple teething issue turned into a series of ups and downs that ultimately put her near death.

Daisy stopped eating at 8 weeks old. I began to force feed her. She responded somewhat and began eating on her own, but was very,very picky. She would not eat very much either--just little bits at a time. She started to lag behind her litter mates. When I took her to the vet, my vet could find nothing wrong aside from the fact that she was smaller than her siblings. We decided to try and feed her more frequently and also to feed food high in calories.

Daisy and Zeke

Daisy's appetite continued to go up and down--it was beginning to be more down than up. She stopped growing. She started eating less and less. When she did eat she bloated. I tried force-feeding her again and it helped some. I also tried tempting her with various tasty foods. Again she would eat some seeming to like it at first but would soon eat less and less. What I first thought was a picky kitten was turning into something much more serious but I was not sure what.

I took her to the vet again--this time the news was not good. This was no longer a case of a fussy kitten.The vet seemed to think that Daisy had either a blockage of some sort or a malabsorbsion problem. I figured that the kitten was probably going to die. I took her home and decided that until I talked to the people who were planning to take her I would provide supportive care. Throughout all of this little Daisy hung on and she fought to live. It was agreed upon that I would try and stimulate her appetite, but if there was no response to put her to sleep.

Daisy eating

Things seemed to be pretty hopeless--I was beginning to give up, but kept praying that she would make it and be healed of whatever it was. I asked others to pray for her too--I did not want to lose her. One of the people I asked told me about Bovine Colostrum(this was the Saturday before I decided to put her to sleep). By this point she was not eating at all and was basically skin and bones.The weird thing was she wanted to eat, but wouldn't. That Sunday she was prayed for--on Monday she ate the most she had for a while. I did not know what to think--I wondered if she wasn't eating her last meal before she prepared to die. On Tuesday I found out where I could get the Bovine Colostrum. She was eating some, but I doubted she was going to make it and kept thinking it would be a miracle if she did. I kept asking for one too. By the time Wednesday arrived I was able to get the Colostrum and feed it to her.

Things seemed to get better--at least on the surface. She began to eat more. I continued to pray that she would get better. Daisy continued to fight. In less than a week there was a big change--for the better. It was almost like she was a different cat. I took her to the vet again--the vet was concerned about potential liver problems because she was bloating and her stool was a funny color(grey). I continued to give her the Colostrum and pray that she would get better.

Her appetite continues to increase and her stool is now normal. She is growing. She looks like a healthy cat. She now wants to eat all sorts of things(but like her dad--dry food is beneath her). Except that she is small she is no different than her sister...well except that she is my "miracle kitty".

I found out that Apinihaan means "miracle" in Thai. She will be registered as Li'l Minx Apinihaan as she is my little miracle.

Daisy in her new home

Li'l Minx Apinihaan aka "Daisy" April 2001

Daisy and buddy

"Daisy" and buddy Skookum in her new home.

Yes, miracles do happen and prayers are answered.

Apinihaan Award

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