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Sanun Korats
Zephyr, Zoe, Simba
Sanun Korats 1994
Wiskers Sanun Sutep, Wiskers Sanun Bansuri & Sanun Thai Simba
Zephyr, Zoë & Simba


about the cattery & the breeder

I have always found life to be more pleasant when it is shared with animals. In 1987 I began to research the possibility of a non-allergenic cat, since I am mildly asthmatic. The "hairless" breeds were a possibility, but I was not really drawn to them. Having read about Korats, I suspected that they were the answer, but how to find one in western Canada -?!. A quick glance through the local paper's Pets section revealed an ad for "rare non-shedding kittens from Thailand", and a few phone calls later I met my first Korats and got on the waiting list for a kitten. A year later, thanks to breeder Joan MacKenzie, Zephyr became part of my family and promptly took control of the household!


When Zephyr was nearly a year old it became obvious that he needed another cat to play with -- it was the only way to divert him from tackling human ankles for fun. His half-sister Zoë joined us (11 years later, they're still inseparable). Zoë (Wiskers Sanun Bansuri) was such a beauty that when Joan suggested breeding her "just once", I agreed. After that, I was hooked -- Joan and her sponsor, Norma O'Neill of Kon-Lek-Lek cattery in Washington state, sponsored me as a breeder, and Zoë had a total of four litters before she retired from breeding. One of her daughters and one of her sons also became breeding cats, thanks to an arrangement with Judy Buckle and Dennis Ganoe of Gentlegift Cattery in Oregon. (In fact, Zoë is the grandmother of Gentlegift Precious Legacy, a Grand champion show and breeding Korat).


For the past few years I have not been active in breeding because of a heavy work schedule and a circumstance that forced me to spay the female intended to be my next breeding cat. During the gap, I have sponsored Trish as a Korat breeder -- her extensive experience with Burmese made her an ideal candidate! We now co-own a Korat male, Gandalf (Cher-Dawn Gandalf the Grey) and have formed a cooperative arrangemant between our catteries. I plan to become an active breeder again soon, after moving and obtaining another female. In the meantime, Korats Zephyr (12), Zoë (11) and Emma (5 --Zoë's granddaughter) keep the place lively.


Sanun (which means Happiness or Fun in the Thai language) is a very small cattery. I keep only one breeding female at a time, which ensures that she can have the run of the house and socialize with the other cats. This means that we do not produce a large nunber of kittens, but each one is raised and placed in a new home with the greatest care. I try always to match the kitten's personality with that of the person/people receiving it. Since Korats are personality-plus cats, this can be an interesting process! In the past nine years Sanun has produced 16 new Korats, most of them as pets for people who can't have other cats because of allergy complications.

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