Sanun Korats--the nursery

Currently there are no kittens at Sanun Cattery.However below are a few photos from previous litters.


5 week ols Korat kittens
mom & kittens with uncle zephyr
Sanun Sunny and Sanun Molly
Zephyr, Zoe, Sunny and Molly 1990

Announcing the arrival of....
Skarraghbrae Festina Lente of Sanun

Ok, so she hasn't really arrived here yet. She officially takes up residence on August 5 2003.
Festina Lente
I'm sooooo cute
Festina posing for the camera
Gee, I'm just soooo cute.
Little prima donna
Festa Lenta
I'm thinking Koratie thoughts
I'm such a pretty girl and my eyes match the chair.


pretty girl
I'm just so coy
Are we finished yet?
Maybe I'll have a nap.
What big eyes you have
Korat kitten
Such big eyes you have!


Festina and her buds

My brother, me, my mom(Georgia), The Ptoot and Arawin

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