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Win Sim is a full simulation package for model rockets that lets a user design and test fly a model on a 32 bit Windows (95/98/NT) computer. Win Sim  has many features for:

Simulation and Animation and
Documentation and
External Analysis

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Using Win Sim, someone can build a rocket out of common and custom materials, add payloads, parachutes and other internal pieces, test the rocket's stability, model its perfomance under various wind and other conditions, and even go for a simulated ride in the rocket, all without leaving their desk! Win Sim is a full three dimensional simulator, with both static and dynamic stability analysis, as well as an extensive Help function. Best of all, Win Sim is downloadable for evaluation, requires little hard drive space (2 mb), and very inexpensive!

Win Sim is a product of SincSoft - "Rocket Science for Real People "

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