Design Features

Win Sim is a powerful model rocket design tool, with:

Support for rockets of up to three stages (main and two boosters)
Support for rockets with body tube transitions and boat tails

Form.gif (2362 bytes)

Support for rockets with up to three clustered engines per stage.  Engine clusters can be arranged radially or in-line in clusters.

Engine.gif (1470 bytes)


Support for extra mass elements inside the rocket, such as payloads and parachutes
An easy-to-use graphical editor.  Users can create and modify rockets made from standard materials, adding information for custom parts as required.  Each major rocket component is edited opn its own subscreen accessed from the main, making the screens less cluttered and easier to use. A full dimensioned drawing of the rocket is maintained on the main edit screen, and the user can use English/US or Metric units as they desire, and can even convert between them.

Edit.gif (7352 bytes)  


The ability to save and retrieve rocket designs on disk.

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