Simulation and Animation Features

Even wonder what it would be look like to ride in your rocket?  Win Sim's Simulation and Animation features, in addition to allowing you to predict rocket performance, give you a camera-eye view that's the next best thing to being there!   Features include:

The ability to simulate the flight of a rocket.
The ability to see the effect of wind speed and direction and the launch rod length on the flight. The wind can be random, steady, step or oscillating
The ability to display a simulated flight, as a real time view from a movie camera attached to the rocket.  The flight occurs over a simulated scenery of trees and polygons, which you can modify.

 Camera.gif (5247 bytes)

The ability to display a simulated flight in a three-dimensional plot, complete with wind direction and major flight event markers.


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Note: P90 or faster processor recommended for real-time animation.