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Since I bought my 2001 Honda 450 ES in the fall of 2001, I've done a fair amount of upgrades and mods to the quad. Here is a list of what I've added:


Trax-Lok Conversion                                               Pictures

    I've taken out the stock front differential and replaced it with the same front differential as the 2002 Honda 450 which enables me to switch electronically on the fly between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive.

ETS Suspension                                                       Pictures

    Improves overall stability, handling and riding comfort   while passing through rough terrain. The front end of the vehicle feels lighter to handle resulting in more stirring ease. The "4 wheel lock" stirring effect is greatly reduced. Violent impacts are absorbed better by the chassis resulting from vertical down force which decreases the kick back effect from the ATV on to the rider. More wheel contact to the ground and better traction in mud due to the increased vertical drop out.

Detroit Gearless Locker                                          Pictures

  • A limited slip front differential has its benefits but not for someone like me who enjoys hill climbs and the challenges of mud. While driving straight, this installation enables the differential to be locked providing  full power to each front wheel. When cornering, the differential allows the outside wheel to travel faster at ground speed. The inside wheel continues to drive the ATV with full power during the turn. The unit allows both front wheels to be always locked together. There is never a condition where one wheel spins while the other is stopped. For steep hill climbs and mud bogs, this makes a world of difference.

APRS Tracking:

Wheel Spacers:    Pictures


Other additions include: Maxxis mud tires (26 x 12 x 12 on rear, 26 x 10 x 12 on the front), ITP Chrome wheels, 2000 lb. Warn winch, and Dirtyhowies Tow kit.

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