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" Home of Happy Huskies "
last updated June 20, 2016
Al & Mona Pace - Kennelmasters
Breeders of purebred registered Siberian Huskies since 1971
Box 207, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada T0M 2E0
E-MAIL Al Pace - alpace@telus.net
Phone (403) 637-2535

We are a member in good standing of The Canadian Kennel Club. All our dogs are purebred registered Siberian Huskies and all of them are microchipped for identification except for a few dogs purchased from other kennels. Over the years we have shown our dogs, put them in obedience trials, raced them at Canada Olympic Park, displayed them at winter festivals and had them in the Super Dogs Show a few times and also the 1987 Grand Stand Show at the Calgary Stampede BUT, first and foremost, our dogs are PETS.

We have been raising SIBERIAN HUSKIES since 1971 and breed for TEMPERAMENT, TYPE and WORKABILITY. They can be enjoyed as household pets, ski-joring, jogging or hiking companions, sled dogs, show dogs, shoe chewers and paper shredders. You need a sense of humour and a bit of patience to own this breed. If you are a person who likes a challenge and are looking for a pet that is GOOD NATURED, CLEAN, NON ALLERGENIC, with a zest for life and activity, you would probably get along well giving a home to a SIBERIAN HUSKY.

Vashiral's Charmee Magic

Vashiral's Ringo
Vashiral's Charmee Magic
Lim's Mavrick Vashiral
Lim's Mavrick Vashiral

Vashiral's Snowflake
Vashiral's Classical Gaston

Vashiral's Pichu

Vashiral's Classical Gaston

Vashiral's Classical Splash

ArticSun Vashiral's Candy

Vashiral's Vasha

Vashiral's Daisy

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New Litters and Available Puppies from Vashiral Siberians.
If you would like more information about the following litters,
please look us up on Facebook or
E-MAIL us at Al Pace

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Vashiral's Daisy

Litter arrived on May 28, 2016 There were 2 males and 4 females. Sire is Vashiral's Keeper. Click on picture or album title to see all the puppy pictures.

Vashiral's Vasha.

Litter arrived on May 29, 2016 There were 2 males and 1 female. Sire is Vashiral's Ringo. Click on picture or album title to see all the puppy pictures.

Vashiral's Classical Gaston

Litter arrived on June 5, 2016. There were 3 males and 2 females. Sire is Vashiral's Ringo. Click on picture or album title to see all the puppy pictures.

Vashiral Siberian Picture Albums
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Vashiral's Siberian Huskies
Vashiral Winter Pics April 29, 2010
Vashiral Siberian Homestead, circa 1996
Vashiral Siberian Homestead, May 2007
Vashiral Siberian Homestead, August 2008
Snow In August 2002
Winter In April 2008
December Snow 2009 In Water Valley, Alberta
Vashiral's Wolf Magic Album
Vashiral's Muffie Pictures
Vashiral's Magic Pepper Album
Vashiral's Snowy Monkey Pictures Album
Water Valley Days 2008 - Guns of the Golden West
Water Valley Days 2008 Pictures Album
Vashiral Action Photos
Olds Alberta 2010 Olympic Torch Relay Pictures

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The Antics of Alvasha
The Morning Wake-Up Game at the Vashiral Siberians household
The Canine Crunchie Caper
The Case of the Misguided Musher
The Case of the Purloined Parent
The Case of the Snoozing Santa
The New Age of Women (Not a Siberian Husky Story)

Click Here for The Story of Vashiral Siberians (updated June 1, 2007)

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Link to PawVillage.com (Great page for breeders of all kinds and those seeking pedigrees)

ArcticLegend Siberians(Courtesy of Terry and Rhonda Adrian- neat site)

Willowbend Siberians (Courtesy of Richard and Sue Tremblay - great pics)

Bamiko Siberian Huskies (Courtesy of Leah Bauman)

ArticPower Siberian Huskies (Courtesy of Michelle Rose - sibes in Oz)

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