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SSTV Transmission Modes

	   Mode         Mode    Color   Time    Scan    
	   Family       Name    Type    (sec)   Lines   Notes
	   ------       ----    ----    -----   -----   -----
	   AVT          24      RBG     24      120     d
	                90      RGB     90      240     d
	                94      RGB     94      200     d
	                188     RGB     188     400     d
	                125     BW      125     400     d

	   Martin       M1      RGB     114     240     b
	                M2      RGB     58      240     b
	                M3      RGB     57      120     c
	                M4      RGB     29      120     c
	                HQ1     YC      90      240
	                HQ2     YC      112     240

	   Pasokon TV   P3      RGB     203     16+480
	   High         P5      RGB     305     16+480
	   Resolution   P7      RGB     406     16+480

	   PD           PD 240  YC      248     480
	                PD 180  YC      187     480
	                PD 160  YC      161     384
	                PD 120  YC      126     480
	                PD 90   YC      90      240

	   Robot        8       BW      8       120     a, e
	                12      BW      12      120     e
	                24      BW      24      240     e
	                36      BW      36      240     e

	                12      YC      12      120     
	                24      YC      24      120
	                36      YC      36      240
	                72      YC      72      240

	   Scottie      S1      RGB     110     240     b
	                S2      RGB     71      240     b
	                S3      RGB     55      120     c
	                S4      RGB     36      120     c
	                DX      RGB     269     240     b

	   Wraase SC-1  24      RGB     24      120     c
	                48      RGB     48      240     b
	                96      RGB     96      240     b

	   Wraase SC-2  30      RGB     30      128
	                60      RGB     60      256
	                120     RGB     120     256
	                180     RGB     180     256

	There are also some experimental modes implemented in only
	one or two systems.  Some are still evolving, some will be
	phased out.  Information here might not be accurate.  Whether 
	others decide to add them remains to be seen.

	   ProSkan      J120    RGB     120     240

	   WinPixPro    GVA 125 BW      125     480     
	                GVA 125 RGB     125     240
	                GVA 250 RGB     250     480

	   "J.A."       ?       ?       ?       480

	   MSCAN        TV1     ?       ?       ?
	                TV2     ?       ?       ?

	Color Type:

	RGB - Red, Green, and Blue components sent separately.
	YC - Sent as Luminance (Y) and Chrominance (R-Y and B-Y).
	BW - Black and White.


	a - Similar to original 8 second black & white standard.
	b - Top 16 lines are gray scale.  240 usable lines.
	c - Top 8 lines are gray scale.  120 usable lines.
	d - AVT modes have a 5 second digital header and no
	    horizontal sync.
	e - Robot 1200C doesn't really have B&W mode but it can send 
	    red, green, or blue memory separately.  Traditionally, 
	    just the green component is sent for a rough approximation
	    of a B&W image. (Courtesy John Langner)

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HF SSTV Frequencies

  • 3.845 MHz

  • 3.857 MHz

  • 7.171 MHz

  • 14.230 MHz

  • 14.233 MHz

  • 21.340 MHz

  • 28.680 MHz

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    SSTV Software


    EZSSTv is the shareware version of the Excellent Slow Scan Tv program... PASOKON. EZ SSTV

    Winpix Pro 2.0

    This first windows compatible slow scan program has been written by Don Rotier, K0HEO. Winpix Pro for Windows 95 and 3.1 uses a Soundblaster card. The results are very impressive. More information can be obtained directly from Don at 612-633-5928. Or by trying out the trial version which can be downloaded directly WINPIX PRO .

    Window95 SSTV

    Ffor windows 95(only) this program has been developed by Jim N7CXI and team. It requires a multimedia level II compliant machine. Version 1, public beta release is now available for downloading along with patch files that have been developed.



    The shareware program written by Eberhard Backeshoff DK8JV. JVFAX Version 7.0. A later version is also available which eliminates GIF image format compatibility but adds built-in TGA capability. Download JVFAX Version 7.1 also. Many hams started with this program and today it is still very popular as it offers lots of capability including WEFAX, most popular slow scan modes and high resolution colour fax. JVFAX uses a simple Hamcomm interface and features up to 64K colour capability.

    MSCAN 3.0 news

    A shareware program written by Mike Versteeg, PA3GPY, is receiving excellent comments from hams that are using it. The program is called MSCAN. (version 2.11) It was the first program that permitted simultaneous multi-tasking such as image reception and image loading. It works with an inexpensive serial interface and a 24 bit colour video card. Mike's release 2.11 is compatible with virtually every interface on the planet including Viewport, Hamcomm, Easyfax, Microscan, Multiscan, PK900 and comparator op amps. Check out the info on MSCAN 2.20 !!! You can find out the latest program and news directly from Mike's homepage.

    Soundblaster Slow Scan

    If you have sound blaster or a compatible card, then a full featured commercial software product called "Colour SSTV" is available from Harlan Technologies. Call (815)398-2683. Evenings and weekends are best. If you would like to try it, a shareware version of the product is available. Download Sound Blaster SSTV(422K). For more information click Here.


    Brian, 9H1JS, has written a shareware program which decodes FAX & SSTV signals using the sound blaster card. You can download a trial version and find out more directly from his website. Keep up the good work Brian and thanks for letting us know!

    Robot 1200 Users

    Bill Montgomery, VE3EC, has updated Robot helper. Robot 1200 users can use the NEW Robot Helper Ver. 3.0. This Windows shareware application controls the Robot, supports lots of image formats and has many handy features. Thanks Bill and keep up the good work!

    ROY 1

    ROY 1 New SSTV program for win 95 by IK8BZA.

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    This page was last updated on JANUARY 2001 by Mike Mailhiot.