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BLM Information



In 1983, to meet the long term needs of winter visitors, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) established Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA).  These areas, shown on the Long-Term Visitor Areas map, are wilderness areas that have been designated as Long Term Visitor Areas due to their popularity, developed roads, access to a water supply and sewer dump stations.  Security, although limited, is managed by the BLM and numerous volunteers.


If you wish to stay within LTVA sites:


Visitors who wish to stay on LTVA land may purchase a long term visitors permit that is good for the entire winter or purchase a short term permit that is good for fourteen consecutive days (with the option to purchase an unlimited quantity of additional permits).  Go to rules for permit prices.


Length of stay in an LTVA between April 16 and September 14 is limited to 14 days in a 28-day period. After the 14th day of occupation campers must move outside of a 25-mile radius of the previous location.


If you want to stay outside of LTVA sites:


Campers who wish to stay on BLM land outside of an LTVA may camp in one location for up to 14 days in any 28 day period at no charge. After 14 days campers must move to a new site not less than a 25 miles radius distance from their original camp site.


General Considerations:


Some considerations other than these are adequate holding tanks. (There is a 10 gallon minimum capacity for waste holding tanks unless outdoor toilet facilities are provided on site.)


As there are no hook-ups for electricity you should have either a generator or adequate solar panels to keep your reserve battery power sufficiently supplied. It is also handy to have a C.B. radio as most hosted LTVA's have set up communication systems for emergency situations as well as just chatting.


There are many areas that people occupy that are not on shown on any map or brochure produced by the BLM but, in general unless otherwise stated, all Federally owned land in the United States is ripe for occupancy.  A main concern, however, is that you can only stay for a period of 14 days then have to move to another location not less than 25 miles radius from there.


Permits can be purchased from any BLM field office or, where there are volunteer gate personnel, at the gate.


Arizona and California LTV Area Map

California BLM Field Offices

Arizona BLM Field Offices

BLM National Directory


Last Updated: November 11, 2008