Wunderland Graphics and Website Design
Our Prices:

One page, $200, including any or all of the following:
  • Custom designed title graphic
  • Matching site colours/decor
  • E-mail link and graphic
  • Text links to other sites
  • Two photographs, including scanning and editing
  • Unlimited text
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Sending your site by FTP and help finding a host
  • Free updates of your site (minor additions or changes on original pages) for 6 months or 1 year (depending on site size)

Multi-Page Site:
$200 for the main page as described above, plus $75 per extra page. Each extra page can have:
  • matching graphics (2)
  • photos (2)
  • unlimited text
  • links and email link
You may also 'mix and match' photos; ie: a 3-page site allows you 6 photographs; you may put them wherever you want on the three pages.

Additional optional charges:
  • $50 for graphic/photo button links
  • $150 for mouseover image changes on graphic links
  • $25 one-time fee for taking photographs
  • $5 per extra photo used (over & above the 2 per page allowed)
  • $25 one-time update fee after 6 months / 1 year (additions or changes to existing pages)
  • $75 for each new page added to site
  • $50 per hour for updates to entire site
  • $100 for letterhead template of your title logo you can use in documents
Package deals with substantial discounts are also offered for sites over 10 pages that include full custom graphic design. Ask us!

If your site requires regular updating after 6 months, we can offer you an update package price, based on the frequency and size of updates required.

We also offer services paid by the hour, at a rate of $50 per hour, to the nearest half hour.

We do logos with custom-designed graphics, animations, games and specialty items including image slideshows, panoramas and zoomable images. Find out more here.

(We don't normally host sites, or provide search engine placement, although we can help you with both of these.)

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