Artists' Statements

Evelyn E. Harris
    "I think I have always liked to draw, and spent many hours drawing characters from the comics and pulp magazines.  My youngest daughter got a paint set for Christmas about the time I was retiring, and since she didn't bother with them I tried them.  I was hooked; I spent some time with oils, but when I tried watercolour, I found my niche and have spent many happy hours working and learning 'How to Paint.'"

Judith A. Brown
    "My paintings reflect the peacefulness, beauty and serenity of our landscape."   Judy is awed by the incredible beauty, colour and atmosphere of the world around us.  Painting is a way of  trying to capture and express these images and feelings on paper. 

Carolyn Brown
    "I want to show you the things I cannot see and have you tell me that you can."  Carolyn is fascinated by the mix of illusion and imagination involved in watercolour.  You don't have to paint every detail to show people a whole picture.  Every person will see something different in a watercolour painting; it may even change from moment to moment as light or perspective alters.  No one can or will experience a painting in the same way the artist does, and the more the piece leaves to the imagination, the more varied an experience of it will be.